Most Common League Of Legends Mistakes Made Right Now

In League Of Legends, the same basic rule of any eSports game applies: the fewer mistakes you make, the higher the possibility that you will win the game. In every single game, there are countless mistakes made. When you manage to reduce how many you make, it is simply much easier to climb. This is […]

ESPN launches new esports section

On January 14, 2016 ESPN launched a new section called “ESPN Esports” dedicated to, you guessed it professional gaming.  Earlier this month Activision Blizzard bought MLG for $46 million and CEO Bobby Kotick said that he wants to build the ESPN of video games.  With ESPN now looking to get more serious in the area […]

League of Legends Now Recognized as a Sport by the US Government

League of Legends players around the world are now eligible for visas to participate in the League of Legends Championship Series hosted in the United States, in Log Angeles. I never thought it would happen, but the US government now recognizes the very popular game, League of Legends as a sport! by

New Information Regarding League of Legends “Black” Champion

Ok so a few months ago it was leaked that Riot Games was working on a new champion, not just a new champion but that the champion would be League of Legends first “black” champ. That was quickly shut down as the champion released was something completely different and went by the name Aatrox. Well […]