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One Million in PS3 Minecraft Sales

Since last December, Minecraft has sold 13 million copies for the PC and 10 million for the Xbox 360. However, the PlayStation 3 version of Minecraft was also released and sold a million copies. With that Mojang commented, “It is crazy considering the game was released just before Christmas last year. We are super grateful for the support and we […]

Minecraft Announced for PS4

Sony has just announced that Minecraft will be coming to PS4 at launch. Very excited to hear this news, minecraft has been and always will be a game that many hold dear. A game that shows what indie devs can do in the comfort of their own homes. by

One of the most asked questions concerning Minecraft and Xbox One is if Xbox 360 games will be transferable to Xbox One Minecraft. And a personal question I have is if this is possible, will the Xbox 360 world stay completely the same with the 360 limitations or will the world be bigger like it is going to be in […]

Minecraft for Xbox One

Microsoft announced that the popular PC and Xbox 360 arcade game, as well as mobile devices, Minecraft, will be on the Xbox One when it releases this Novemeber. A trailer said that more than six million gamers have played Minecraft on the Xbox 360 arcade addition, creating over 130 million worlds in over 66 countries! The next version of Minecraft […]