New Red Faction Title is Possible due to NVIDIA Leak

Could a new installment in the Red Faction series, named Evolution, be in development? There may be a leak to Red Faction Evolution being in development by NVIDIA. There has been a list of games that have been said to be compatible with NVIDIA technology, Ansel. Red Faction Evolution was on the list, according to […]

Nvidia G-SYNC

I had a chance to talk with Bryan Del Rizzo from Nvidia  yesterday; about there new G -SYNC technology. Bryan explained how well G-SYNC works with the games and how smooth the performance is, as well as the refresh rate. Regular monitors have fixed refresh rates but a G-SYNC monitor and video card with G-SYNC is faster, smoother and […]

Digital Storm Rolls Out New Gaming Laptops For Whatever Your Budget Is.

Today, Digital Storm, A heavy duty manufacturer of high-end PC’s has announced the launch of their four brand new gaming laptops. They are as follows: The 15.6-inch Javelin and Lance and the 17.3-inch Krypton (possibly named after the chemical element not Superman’s planet) and the applied name Behemoth. They all pack in the new NVIDIA […]

Tegra Note 7 To Be Refresh With New Features

Today, the NVIDIA company announced the Tegra Note 7 LTE, a $299 version of its existing Note 7 tablet. What’s different? It’s equipped with a cellular radio — its own i500 LTE chip, to be precise. NVIDIA did say it’ll have Android 4.4.2 pre-installed when it arrives. For those of you not in the know, the Tegra […]