Giant EU Playstation Store Sale

It’s a great time to pick up that game you’ve always wanted. If you’ve been saving up your cash waiting for the right time to purchase that title you’ve had your eyes on, chances are it’s on this list. Below is the full list at the time of this writing. Assassin’s Creed® Origins – DELUXE […]

NBA 2K16 Free on PlayStation Plus in June

Sony and 2K have teamed up to bring NBA 2K16 to PlayStation Plus’ PS4, free game catalog for the month of June. With the NBA finals coming up, what better way to celebrate it? NBA 2K16 becomes the biggest free game to hit PS plus, since Rocket League last year. Here’s a look at the […]

Mutant Mudds Deluxe Coming to Playstation Plus This Week

Mutant Mudds Deluxe is set to be coming to Playstation Plus this week for free. Mutant Mudds is a 2-D platformer that will be a part of the Playstation Plus North American Instant Game Collection. This will follow the store’s update tomorrow. PS Plus will be having new offers starting every Tuesday of each month. There […]

PS Plus Members Getting 20 Hour Battlefield 4 Trial

Tomorrow on PSN, Playstation Plus members will be given a free 20 hour trial for Battlefield 4. This trial will not include any of the expansions. 20 hours is more than enough time for players to get a good idea of the game, and decide if they like it if they haven’t had a chance to […]

PS4’s Party Chat and More

One of the most commonly asked question about the PlayStation 4 is what features will be available without having a PS Plus account, now that to play multiplayer, you will need a Plus account, just like Xbox 360 with Xbox Live. Sony just recently confirmed that without having a Plus account, which I believe will […]