Shaq Fu Is “Reborn” From Indiegogo Campaign

Yesterday, the Inidegogo campaign surpassed its $450,000 goal for a sequel to the 1994  game, “Shaq-Fu”. Last month, Shaquille O’Neal and Big Deez productions launched a campaign to revive the 16-bit game with a sequel entitled: “Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn”. Their set goal was $450,000, but as of right now they have reached over […]

Shaq-Fu Launches an Indiegogo Campaign + Official Teaser Trailer

We were all were all skeptical about Shaq’s announcement of this game and thought that he was just pulling everyone’s leg. But yeah, it actually REALLY is a thing! VIEW TRAILER HERE They’ve brought together a team which includes some programmers who have worked on games such as Street Fighter, Halo and Final Fantasy to […]