Super Smash Bros. Direct Breakdown – 6/14/15

The mini Super Smash Bros. Direct just finished airing, and of coarse all of the leaks were accurate. Roy and Ryu join the battle today! Here’s the list of content available: Lucas and Roy available today for $3.99 each for Wii U/3Ds or $4.99 each for both systems Dreamland 64 stage available today for $1.99 […]

Even More Smash Leaks…Again

Well it looks like Smash 4 is yet again experiencing leaks. Spoilers await you below.       A little while back, victory themes for both Roy from Fire Emblem and Ryu from Street Fighter were found within the newest patch for Super Smash Bros. for 3DS. This morning we were given confirmation that this […]

Super Smash Con Announced

Today, VGBootCamp released a trailer announcing the very first Super Smash Bros. convention titled, Super Smash Con! Super Smash Con is scheduled for August 6-9 at Dulles Expo Center, Chantilly, VA. This convention is set to be “more than just a tournament” and will feature vendors, events, raffles, live music, and panels. Tournaments will be […]

Smash 4 Hype Recap

There was definitely a great amount of information on today’s Nintendo Direct: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U – Live! so here’s the rundown. – Super Smash Bros for Wii U is 1080p, 60fps. – Super Smash Bros for Wii U will have 5 player, 6 player, 8 player smash on specific stages but, can’t […]

Smash 4 – Tower of Smash Mode

So here we go again with another rumor courtesy of 4chan of a potentially new game mode for Smash Bros Wii U “Tower of Smash”. This mode features a 100-Floor Tower, with each floor containing three doors showing what character + stage. With your door of choice you fight a 1-on-1 single stock match against […]

Smash 4 Gamecube Controller Bundle Announced

After the Digital Event that took place earlier this morning,  Nintendo has announced that there will be a bundle for Smash 4, hitting store shelves this holiday season, that will include the game, a brand new GameCube controller, and of course the recently-announced GC adapter. Of course, you can purchase either of the two seperately, […]