(Rumor) Did King K. Rool Win the Smash Bros. Ballot?

Rumors have surfaced through twitter that the classic Donkey Kong Country villain King K. Rool may have gotten the most votes on the Super Smash Bros. Ballot. This is due to the fact that Nintendo has suddenly trademarked K. Rool’s character. Fans are now guessing that King K. Rool will appear in Smash Bros. as […]

Is Capcom Working On A New Fighting Game?

Yoshinori Ono is back to his old trolling ways on Twitter. Today, Ono posted a picture of his signature Blanka figure in front of the Osaka Street Fighter R&D team who appear to be playing a very old game. It’s running on the Super Famicom aka the Japanese SNES. According to those on twitter the […]

New Round of Club Nintendo Game Rewards

As long as you have enough coins, you can now download the following games to your Wii U and 3DS systems. (Click to Enlarge) Game & Watch: Mario’s Cement Factory (3DS) Spin Six (3DS) F-Zero (Wii U) 1080 Snowboarding (Wii U) Great thing about Club Nintendo is that these games are practically free. (well…. is […]