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Retro Studios president and CEO Michael Kelbaugh had some positive and encouraging things to say about developing on the Wii U. During an interview with GameSpot, Mr. Kelbaugh took the time out to debunk the notion that Nintendo’s latest home console is weak and discuss the creative freedom that the stronger hardware allowed for the team. “Unfortunately, the perception is […]

Despite the fact that the Wii U has been out for a little over a year now, the system’s full capabilities are still shrouded in mystery. Ever since the GameCube days Nintendo has been rather tight-lipped about their systems’ specifications. But as time goes on, more and more light gets shed on the Wii U’s hardware situation. The folks over […]

News came out earlier this month that Nintendo is working on at least one new piece of hardware for the next generation. Today, GaminRealm released an article reporting rumored specifications and plans for the both the next Nintendo handheld and home console. Despite the report focusing on the actual specifications of the machines, many of our readers instead discussed just […]

Rumors of Nintendo working on their next-gen system have recently surfaced, and along with them comes a report of the supposed specifications for both the next Nintendo handheld and home console. I’ll go out on record right now and state that it’s not a rumor that Nintendo is working on their next products – all companies start planning their next […]

The Wii U’s capabilities are starting to become more and more concrete. This past week has yielded some valuable information regarding just what exactly the system can do. The latest bit of info (that sparked this article) came from no other than EA themselves. Crytek is reportedly launching their next-generation CryEngine, and the Wii U is on the list of […]

New rumors surrounding the PS4’s RAM have surfaced this past week claiming that 2-3.5 gigs of RAM will be dedicated to the operating system. These reports have thrown gamers and tech-heads alike into a flux, with YouTube, articles, and message boards being lit up by this controversy. But why? Why do we, the gamers, care so much about how much […]

Why the Wii U is Powerful Enough

Still doubting the power of the Wii U? It’s no secret that the Wii U and Nintendo have been consistently under-fire regarding the power of the system. I have seen countless and countless of ridiculous statements such as “It’s the Wii all over again” and “the Wii U is a last-generation system”. These notions, along with many others, were always […]