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During Sony’s E3 2016 press conference they revealed that a new Spider Man game is being developed by Insomniac games and will be released exclusively on PS4.  There currently is no announcement of a release date. by

Attack on Titan Marvel Crossover Confirmed

It looks like an insane and unexpected crossover will be hitting Japan in just two weeks. Marvel talent scout, C.B. Cebulski has confirmed on Twiiter that a brand new crossover between Attack on Titan and Marvel characters is on the way! Cebulski stated on Twitter: I loved “Marvel Team-Up” and “What If?” as a kid. I would spend hours dreaming up […]

There are reports that in the end credits of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, The X-Men will appear more specifically, Mystique, Havok, Toad, and Stryker. These reports are coming from the ecstatic movie goers in the UK, where the film is out right now. As it’s become a standard in Marvel movies for the audience to stay until the end credits […]

Looks like the Dark Knight isn’t the only superhero making headlines today, over on the Marvel side, Beenox has shared a new gameplay video showing how they fine-tuned the web-slinging controls in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2 Video Game which is supposed to tie-in to the upcoming movie of the same name. In the video, Creative director Thomas Wilson demonstrates […]

Batman is my favorite superhero next to Spider-Man. So the idea of a new Batman Arkham games makes me severely excited. Below to go with my ecstatic enthusiasm, are details of certain updated and new aspects of changing the Arkham series formula to introduce innovation to the series since Arkham City in 2011. “The opportunity is exciting, but the expectation […]

No More Digital Downloads for Marvel Titles

This is apparently due to expired contracts. Marvel titles from both Capcom and Activation have been taken down from PSN and  XBL . The Community Manager for Activision, Dan Amrich, posted the following Tweets: “For those asking about it: Marvel Activision titles are no longer available for digital download.  Hence the sale!” “Yes. Capcom also pulled the MvC games, so […]