5 Great Games That Were Hated For Being Different.

Just like in real life, Discrimination is a major problem in the gaming world especially when it comes to franchises. I’ve been told this sentiment “Change is good but when you change too much, a new game becomes unrecognizable”. Which I think is a load of crock. I don’t care if a new entry plays […]

Capcom and Virgin Gaming Headline Online Tournament Series: Street Fighter Online.

Capcom is ever the roller coaster ride of game journalism. One day they are up and the next minute they are down. Seeing as this is good news on their part, I predict that the next Capcom news we report will be bad. Now, on to the good news. Capcom this morning has announced as […]

Ultra Street Fighter 4 : 5th Character Revealed: Enter Decapre

Damn, like 50 people guessed that. After months of speculation ranging from the logical to the downright stupid, Capcom has finally revealed the final character in the upcoming Ultra Street Fighter 4. Clues from Ono himself stated that the character was female and was from the UDON Street Fighter comic books. From those clues alone, […]

Capcom and Twitch Funding A Street Fighter Pro Gaming League

In an effort to compete with the massive growing popularity of League of Legends as well as the sSports movement. Capcom has decided to take the fighting game community mainstream. It’s a year-long fighting game extravaganza as the entire tourney is contested in Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition v 2012 and then completey updated […]