Konami Gives More Specifics on How Transferring Data Between MGSV: Ground Zeroes to The Phantom Pain Will Work

Want to transfer your data from your Xbox 360 copy of MGS V: Ground Zeroes to your brand new copy of The Phantom Pain on your shiny, new PS4? Sadly, you’re out of luck, but thankfully Konami has given us a useful chart to see how these transfers will work.   It seems that generally […]

MGS5: The Phantom Pain 80’s Movie Filter Removed

According to a tweet from Hideo Kojima himself, Metal Gear Solid 5: the Phantom Pain was going to have an 80’s movie filter included in the game. This was however, until the filter became to troublesome and slowed the system down that it had to be removed. Hideo Kojima had tweeted,  “RUSH” had very 70’s […]

ESRB Rates MGS5 for ‘Sexual Violence’

A statement for the newest Metal Gear Solid game has been rated by ESRB as M for Mature. Now as most MGS games are rated M, it isn’t much of a surprise. But what is, is that in the description, MGS5 has received M partially for ‘Sexual Violence.’ The description for the ratings is as […]