Will Titanfall 2 Have What It Takes To Compete In 2016?

Titanfall 2 is will undoubtedly be a great game to be introduced later this year. But its official debut will give us more insight on what the team over at Electronic Arts is capable of this time around. It would be insane to say that the first iteration of the game Titanfall was a bust, […]

EA Teases Titanfall 2 Won’t Be Xbox-Exclusive

EA teases Titanfall 2 won’t be an Xbox exclusive. The unannounced game will have a “bigger footprint than just a single platform,” EA CFO Blake Jorgensen says. During Monday’s 2015 Technology, Internet & Media Conference, Electronic Arts CFO Blake Jorgensen spoke about the next Titanfall game. “Last year it was on the Xbox only; in […]

Aaron Paul Commercial Turning on Xbox Ones

Breaking Bad star, Aaron Paul, starred in a recent commercial for the Xbox One showing off the features of the console and the Kinect. During this commercial, Aaron demonstrates the voice commands of the Kinect by saying, “Xbox, on” to power up the console. This sounds insignificant enough, right? However, when he says this, it […]

NPD Sales Are In: Wii U and PS Vita Barely Clinging To Life,XBO/PS4 Riding High

Research analyst David Gibson has shared a few details of the US console sales in the month of March. The PlayStation 4 is king of hill as it’s the highest selling console of the month of March. Infamous: Second Son contributed to the sales. He only disclosed information about Sony and Nintendo. All this information […]

Proof That The Xbox 360 Version of TitanFall Runs Really Well.

For months since it was released to be a multiplatform game (Through Microsoft) Gamers have been wondering how the Xbox 360 version of Titanfall would run. Some speculated that it would be worse off than the Xbox One version because of its older hardware. Frame rate wise, The Xbox 360 version is said to have […]

Xbox One Owners Ditching Console For PlayStation 4 – Here is Why

This is not surprising in the least bit, seeing as though 90% of people only bought the Xbox One only bought to play Call of Duty Mecha Revolution aka TitanFall and now that that’s out, the console has literally no appeal whatsoever anymore at least until the next big shooter comes out for it. The […]

White Xbox One + Rumored Titan Fall Xbox one

So apparently Microsoft is about to release a white Xbox One, currently the white Xbox One is only  available  to Microsoft employees. According to The Verge.com Microsoft is indeed planing the white Xbox One. The console is set to be released in March, also a 1 TB Xbox one  is also rumored for November. A […]