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Payday 2 gets Goat Simulator DLC

Payday 2 is getting Goat Simulator Heist DLC thanks to a collaboration with Coffee Stain studios.  According to the official site by Overkill Studios you play as the Payday gang and are ordered to intercept a truck carrying cocaine.  However when they arrive at the scene they are surprised to see that there are no drugs in sight, only goats […]

At today’s E3 conference with Microsoft, we were shown what Microsoft Hololens can do and viewers were blown away. Microsoft Hololens is a device much like the Oculus Rift, that allows you to project holograms in real life space. At Microsoft’s press conference, we saw a glimpse of what its abilities with a brand new version of Minecraft. What we witnessed […]

Kinect V2 Coming to PC

Microsoft has unveiled a listing for Kinect v2 for Windows. It is set to release on July 15 for $199 and is available for pre-order now. This version of Kinect, “is intended for use with the Kinect for Windows software development kit 2.0,”. This hints that it is aimed more towards developers, more so than gamers. It will still come […]

Microsoft’s new head Phil Spencer took to twitter to address the fans on a long-going subject. When is Microsoft making a portable Xbox handheld? According to Mr. Spencer, Never. Especially when Microsoft already has major portable devices on hand. When a fan on twitter yesterday asked him if Microsoft is making “a handheld Xbox One-like gaming device at E3 or […]

The  FZ-G1 is a 10-inch version that runs Windows 8 Pro and the 7-inch JT-B1 runs Ice Cream screens. The 10-inch one can use a stylus with third-party apps.The FG-Z1 Windows has a 1,920 x 1,200 display and a 1.9GHz Ivy Bridge Intel Core i5-3437U vPro CPU, a 128GB SSD which is upgradeable to 256GB. Has up to 8GB of RAM […]