Try World of Warcraft Patch 6.0 Free for a Week

Looks like Blizzard has a free offer for those who haven’t played World of Warcraft in a while or for newcomers who want to give the series a try. It was announced that from now until November 5, players can register their accounts from Battle.Net to play WOW with all of its current content for […]

Blizzard Introduces New Video Series: Crash Course

Today Blizzard released a plethora of helpful videos on their official YouTube channel, but these aren’t aimed to new players they are actually meant for players who have reached level 90. The new series titled “Crash Course” currently has a video for each class at level 90. In a blog post on the site this […]

Blizzard Releases New Models for Female Night Elves

Today Blizzard showcased a future upgrade release for World of Warcraft. Shortening their exaggerated ears, the female Night Elves new model will include a much more curvaceous body and higher resolution textures for their skin and hair A tweet by Chris Robinson, Senior Art Director, also added that the final models will have more of […]