Tech’d Out & Spec’d Out! Where are the game consoles?

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You will have to excuse me as I’m about to get all “Uncle Tom” in this post. It seems technology has evolved to a point where we as consumers expect every machine we buy to have multiple functions. Not only that, but we sneer at any device that doesn’t. Gamers are the most spoiled of the bunch if you ask me. What once was a machine dedicated to virtual games has now become a multimedia hub. Our consoles share similar functions to PCs with web browsing and online, phones thanks to chat services, DVD/Blu-ray players and more.

I began to reflect on the consoles of old, and I started to feel conflicted. While these technological advances may be exciting, they just distract from the novelty of playing games. Never once have I been been playing multi-player with my friends in the same room and thought to myself, “This would be even better if I could play multi-player with you guys when you are all home.” Online multi-player just seems so impersonal, which for me, takes away from the experience. This brings me to in-game-chat. I understand not everyone has an unlimited phone plan, but come on people, why are gamers so addicted to being able to talk while gaming. Am I the last gamer alive who doesn’t even think about talking to people when I’m playing?

Chances are most gamers have access to a computer and even the most primitive of internet connections. If this is the case then why would you need your game console to browse the web? All it does is distract and take away processing power that could have been used toward the playing of games. I know I’m rambling at this point, but my intentions are good. I just find it odd that in this day and age of devices why we can’t just bother to own devices for a solitary purpose. If you want to watch Blu-rays then get a Blu-ray player. If you want to play music get an mp3 player or iPod.

When I hear the term “game console” my mind still processes the thought that this device will solely play games. Of course I’m always left disappointed as the companies continue add features and functions that continue to be less and less related to games. Why do you need your console to access Netflix? Seriously, can anyone answer that? I fail to see how any of that is relevant to playing a game.

This isn’t nostalgia talking either. This is a gamer with real concerns and simple needs. Imagine how much cheaper a console would be if it just improved the hardware yet only played games. As a consumer I’m surely not pleased with the fact that I’m stuck paying for the cost of development for features I won’t look twice at. Is it fair that I have to pay for the fact my consoles browses the web and has Netflix on it if I will never use those things? I hope there are others out there that share my way of thinking, and maybe one day one of us may just create a console that simply plays games and nothing more. Granted it will be a niche market, but it would be a grand experience to get a break from the force-feeding of tech we are currently suffering from. I just don’t find these new “consoles” to be what they claim to be.

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One thought on “Tech’d Out & Spec’d Out! Where are the game consoles?

  1. I agree that all these new feats are ruining games, at least in my opinion. Remember back in the day when we would interact with each other face to face? Rather than go online to play COD, insult each other about how we’re going to rape each others parents? Good times right? I won’t sit here and say I am not guilty of playing online and at times enjoying it, but the fact is, it’s ruining games. People are just so focused on how fast your connection is so you can play online, and if the console does not have internet nowadays? Lol good luck surviving. This is one reason why I always liked Nintendo, it always seemed to me like they focus more on game experience rather than gimmicks. Sure, the Wii had a huge gimmick helping it sell, but if it didn’t have games to play, who would buy it? Meanwhile you got the PS3 when it came out, I believe it was the cheapest blu ray player? How is that not a gimmick? Same with the PS2, awesome system, but I know for a fact it wouldn’t have sold that much if it wasn’t for the DVD player. At the end of the day, games aren’t what it used to be, and it’s just going to go downhill from here in my opinion.

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