The Last of Us 2 Release Date Was Rumored For November State Of Play

We’ve all been patiently waiting for more updates about The Last of Us Part 2 from Naughty Dog and Sony, but things have been pretty quiet. If the claims and rumors floating around the internet are true, this next PlayStation State of Play in November will have the first trailer that we have seen of The Last of Us Part 2 since E3 2018. From what GamesRadar found, a few websites discovered a sequence of correspondence from Sony’s marketing team that outline how the stream will essentially turn out. Based on the findings, The Last of Us Part 2 will have a May 2020 release date that would confirm pre conceived speculations. If accurate, Ghost of Tsushima, would not make a presence during the live stream.

Rumors can be tricky to clearly understand if the information leaked was indeed accurate, or a grave mistake in detail by the parties involved. We can only hope for some information about the next installment to arrive for the State of Play in November. There have been delays to the release, just to make sure that the title is ready to be released for both consoles, which I can understand. The waiting game however, tends to have myself forgetting that there is even a sequel scheduled to arrive at times. Ultimately, I want the development to take its time and iron out all of the details at a decent to moderate pace, without neglecting the quality. I can’t wait for the completion of development and await the finished product to hopefully release in 2020 time frame.

What do you think about the potential for The Last of Us Part 2 to be announced for a May 2020 release date? Let us hear your thoughts.

Stay tuned to as we will remain up to date on The Last of Us Part 2.

Source: GamesRadar

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