There is so Much Trash on the Ground it’s Unbelievable – The Division

The Division and All its Glory

Anyone Else Mesmerized by The Division? There is so much trash-on the ground it’s unbelievable but Ubisoft makes it look good. How good? A destroyed city riddled with danger has never looked this good. We have all played Post-Apocalyptic games but have we really played a Post-Apocalyptic game? Think about the question, answer it in your head then release that answer to the masses and the answer they all get is “NO”. Ubisoft has put a lot of work and effort into making this game look good and it’s payed off. The idea is an Open World RPG with limitless possibilities. Ubisoft has already said the game will have “Fingers intercepting each other in a Chain like form” this many hours of gameplay but they have also said that if the demand is there, WHICH IT WILL BE. They will release DLC with more Cities and Areas to cover. This game looks better and better to me, and it’s only on Next-Gen consoles, so there is literally nothing holding them back from blowing the lid off this game, until they show us more, the lid is shaking with extreme force on this one and it’s waiting to erupt. LET IT ERUPT UBISOFT!

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