Tons of Juicy Dead Island 2 Details

Dead Island 2 was just recently announced this week during Sony’s E3 conference that took place yesterday. During the first official day of E3, GaminRealm was able to attend an appointment made with Deep Sliver, where the studio gave press extensive details as well as sneak-peek footage of the game in action.

We were first informed about the different characters featured in the game. Each character of course has unique attributes to them both personality-wise and stat-wise. One character, named Nick Furry (yes, Nick Furry), stood out in particular. Furry, we were told was quick to anger and sports a companion cat (who’s name escapes me right now, was it “Max”?). A cool fact about this cat though is that Dead Island 2 is the very first video game to feature animations captured by a real cat. Yes. That may sound silly at first but you have no choice but to appreciate that kind of effort and attention to detail.

Moving on from the characters, Deep Silver claimed that in Dead island II all zombies will not end up looking the same, which is truly an under-utilized feature in games in today’s age. Every zombie you will encounter will sport random clothes and even different injuries. This will undoubtedly make playing the game a lot more refreshing as you won’t be stomping on what always seems to be an endless amount of mass-produced enemy drones.

Naturally, Dead Island II will feature a plethora of melee weapons. This time around, Deep Silver has put an emphasis on motorized melee tools though. Players will be able to creates crazy contraptions such as a pitchfork fused with a weed-whacker, or a hoe fused with a chainsaw. The developer assured us that there would be “hundreds and hundreds” of weapon combinations possible as you find new parts which throughout the game you will be able to upgrade your weapons with. A work bench is not required to upgrade your tools – just open the menu at any time to tinker with your character and your equipment. Stepping up the ante of melee combat even more, DS has now enabled gamers to dual-wield. For instance, if you like getting up-close and personal, you can wield a shotgun in one hand while holding a machete in the other. This will undoubtedly lead to some very amusing combinations when the fans finally get their hands on the title.

Speaking of which, Deep Silver is prepping a playable demo of the current build of the game at both Pax and Gamescon later this year.

In the vein of Dead Space, true strategic dismemberment is coming to the title with “more control” over how you can dispatch zombie foes. Close quarter encounters will be “more visceral” and satisfying this time around. Another tool players can use to deal with the enemy AI is the environment. While most games feature largely static environments, Dead Island 2 will feature impressive interactive surroundings, which Deep Silver assured us “will mean more than just explosive barrels.” One example that they showcased of this concept was shooting a car that was near a grass area. The car’s alarm went of, attracting the undead, and then the player shot the car in order to blow it up. Now, that may not sound like nothing new, but the difference with this game is that the fire will actually spread and expand on any nearby grass or trees, whereas most games these days have fire that burns for a pre-determined space and time.

The build that Deep Silver showed us of the game was very early footage, but it was still able to convey each goal they’re aiming for with the game.  Dead Island II  is being developed by Yager, the studio behind Spec Ops: The Line and is being built with the Unreal Engine 4.

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