Ty the Tasmanian Tiger Coming to Steam Early Access

After the quiet but somewhat-successful release of Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 4 on Steam, Krome Studios has promised to release the first 3 games on the service overtime, as well. The 2002 platformer will be available on Early Access in March. The Steam release will include some graphical upgrades like better textures and backgrounds, a higher resolution, and anti-aliasing. It’s not the most intensive graphical remake for an older title out there, but it is appreciated.

However, what I find very odd is… why is a 14-year-old game on Steam Early Access? I think that people could wait a little longer for a fully-realized HD port of a decently obscure decade-old platformer. Hopefully the fact that it will be on Early Access will not mean that the initial release of Ty will be lacking features, stability, or the graphical upgrades as promised.

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