Ubisoft Claims Early Watch Dogs Reviews for PS4 and Xbox One are False

Ubisoft stated on Twitter today that the early reviews for Watch Dogs are false, and that legitimate reviews will not be made until the release of the game on May 27.

A review from WCCF Tech stated that they had a copy of the Xbox One version in their possession and they obtained it from an outlet that broke the street date. They claimed that it looked like “a last gen game”, even comparing the visuals to Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto Online.

As a response, Ubisoft took to Twitter and stated:


This was a very clever response. I like the way they kept in theme with the story of the game.

Some people have defended the possibility of the game being released early. Apparently, people on Reddit claimed to have seen Watch Dogs on shelves already.

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I’m not sure if these pictures are real, but if they are, it definitely helps back up WCCF’s claim.

So far, the false reviews that have been surfacing have only been complaining about the graphics and not the gameplay itself. If these reviews are actually credible, then less impressive graphics wouldn’t be too big of deal. It would be kind of annoying, but at the end of the it’s all about the gameplay. I guess we’ll find out on May 27

What do you think of these claims? Do these pictures look real to you?

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