Valve Introduces the Steam Family Sharing Feature

When it comes to delivering on features, Valve has all the competition beat. They have recently unveiled the newest feature: Steam Family Sharing. As the name suggests, you can share your games with friends or family that you authorize. If you want to check out the details on Valve’s page, you can click this link; but I will go over all the important details below:

The feature will be in beta this month, and the only way to access it is to join the Steam Family Sharing Group on Steam. You enable the feature by authorizing a device for sharing; this can be done locally simply by accessing the device and adding it to the list, or a friend can send you a request to add their device. You can have up to 10 authorized devices, but only one can access your library of games at the same time. They have access to your entire library of games, excluding some special cases that require third party subscriptions, keys, and etc. If a borrower is playing a game, others are shut out from the library; but if you are the lender, you can instantly access your game, and it will kick the borrower off said game. As long as you are playing different games, you can both play off the same library. As a borrower, you cannot purchase DLC for a game you are borrowing, but if the lender has the DLC, then you too can play access it.

And lastly, I believe this is pretty important: only give trusted individuals access to your games. If someone is borrowing your game, but they’re doing something fraudulent ingame or anything of the sort, then you as the lender can lose your ability to share your games.

That’s all the information that Valve has released so far. Looking forward to sharing my games with my friends online!


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