Wii U Deluxe Gets A $50 Pricedrop

The Wii U Deluxe model is getting an official $50 price-cut as of September 20th.

As far as Nintendo has revealed, the deluxe models should still be offering everything that the current models offer, though we should probably expect digital download codes for Nintendo Land instead of physical retail cases, seeing as how the Windwaker HD bundle will come with a download code for the game as well.

wii u deluxe

The Windwaker bundle coming this Fall beside the price drop.

While totally expected (I predicted this price-drop earlier this month), I’m totally excited that Nintendo has made this decision, as sometimes the company pulls the unexpected. This will undoubtedly help get the Wii U flying off shelves this holiday season.

There has been no word on whether or not the basic model will receive a slash in price as well, or phased out altogether, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled for new regarding that model. Stay tuned to GaminRealm for more information.

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8 thoughts on “Wii U Deluxe Gets A $50 Pricedrop

    • I don’t think 10 Gamecube games and 10 GBA games = 50$

  1. i want some kind of Ambassador Program :O
    well.. i wouldnt be mad if idont get anything since im very satisfied with my purchase, and dont think i paid too much , but still :3 free stuff is nice

  2. I honestly don’t mind about the price drop being I got mines $50 less during Target sales. I really want this WW addiction and wish they changed the color to gold or give it more of a Zelda theme than leaving it black. Still dislike how this old game will be $60 but I will buy it regardless of the cost because Zelda games are just that good and I loved Wind Waker on the GameCube.

  3. I will admit…I kinda would like some sort of an ambassador program, considering the video game drought we had.

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