Wii U Worldwide Sales Hit 9.2 Million

Today we have some good news regarding Nintendo. Nintendo’s Q3 financial results are in and they have revealed that the Wii U now sits at 9.2 million units sold worldwide. While the numbers could be better, they are improved from last year. In 2013 Nintendo sold 2.41 million units from April 1 to December 31; this year Nintendo managed to sell 3.03 million units.

Ever since its release the Wii U has been struggling to establish an identity. Early on, the system experienced extreme droughts in games and that ultimately started the system off on the wrong foot. Now in 2015 the Wii U is looking a lot different, it has games now. Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart 8 to be specific. Speaking of those games, Nintendo has revealed that they were the console’s top selling games this year; Mario Kart 8 sold 4.77 million units worldwide, while Smash Bros currently sits at 3.39 million. Nintendo also has The Legend of Zelda on the horizon, as well as Splatoon, and Star Fox. While the Wii U will most likely never catch up to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on the sales charts, it certainly looks like the sales could definitely improve again this year.


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