Will The Early PS5 Release Date Specs Harm The PlayStation Success

Sony has been a great leader in the gaming industry with innovation and ground breaking technology, but did they jump the gun with the PlayStation 5 early release specs. Details of the new information from PlayStation 5 was brought forward as a surprise by Mark Cerny. We’ve got no footage of PlayStation 5 in terms of demos or sneak peeks but yet the industry is buzzing about this news. The reveal potentially could have harmed the PlayStation 4, because sales for the PlayStation 4 has been negatively affected. (According to Express.)

“PS4 hardware unit sales in the first quarter were slightly below our expectations primarily due to the news regarding our next generation console,” reads a Sony statement. “Taking this into account, we have decided to prioritize profitability going forward, and have revised downward our forecast for hardware unit sales by 1 million units to 15 million units.” The time is drawing near for the PlayStation 5 to arrive and I believe the uncertainty and identity that the new console will ultimately have is playing a part in the sales to decrease and it wasn’t always this way. Days when PlayStation 3 and even the 2 was in conception, there was more surprises in store for the consumer and I believe that too much information being presented at face value is a double-edged sword and in this case, Sony is getting the flack from that.

I can’t wait to see the PlayStation 5 finally arrive, and we can see the outcome of what’s really to come.

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Source: Express

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