Windows & Xbox Platform – There IS a Difference & Fanboys Need to Know!

For those who don’t know, I have a Youtube channel called BlackBusterShow. I discuss and report gaming news, and just LOVE to touch of the negative aspects of the Xbox Platform and Microsoft themselves. But there is a very common misunderstanding that I’ve seen throughout the years. It comes from the Xbox & Microsoft fanboys; while they cannot disprove my points about their favorite company or console, they instead claim that using Windows is the same as supporting Microsoft on the Xbox. They also believe that Microsoft has some kind of ownership on the PC crowd, and can therefore call games shared between the two platforms some kind of “exclusive”. Here’s a few examples:





Poor uneducated gamers. BUT FEAR NOT! I shall bestow upon you the reasons why the Windows platform is vastly different to the Xbox platform! We’ll do this by covering several different topics, and I hope many of you fanboys learn a little something new today.

  1. The PC software market is a FREE MARKET

Now what does that mean? It means that Microsoft cannot force developers and publishers of software into paying licensing fees, (and other BS) just to release a piece of software/hardware that is compatible with Windows. If you want to release anything on the Xbox platform, get ready to PAY. You have to pay for the development kit, licensing, certification, game disc, patches (until recently), and more!

2.  Microsoft ONLY profits from the initial purchase of Windows

The profit ends there. Once you own it, its yours. Unless you buy Microsoft Office, or any other Microsoft products, they won’t benefit from you having Windows. Unlike on the Xbox platform, where EVERY game sale (whether it be in retail or on the XBL marketplace), Microsoft profits from. Microsoft shuts out third parties, which is why they can sell you their expensive accessories, because you have NO CHOICE.

3.  Microsoft only profits from games they make or publish

Similar to what we’ve already discussed, but this needs to be separated for emphasis. Microsoft will only see profit from games that they have either made or published. This means that they don’t see a CENT for ANY PC GAME that you buy from Steam, Origin, retail, or any other online retailer! Yes, this includes games on Steam that have Games for Windows Live built in. That is not the case on the Xbox Platform, where the licensing, certification, and sale of EVERY game is profit.

4.  The Dreamcast’s OS was made by Microsoft.

Did Microsoft own the Dreamcast? No. Same thing applies to our PCs, they merely made the OS that it runs on. They don’t own our rigs, or even the gaming PC market.

5.  The term “Microsoft Exclusive” makes no sense.

We’ve seen many fanboys use this term to label games like L4D2 as one of their own. If you’ve been reading, I shouldn’t have to explain this one. Microsoft gains no benefit from a purchase of L4D2 on the PC. Same applies to all games released on PC, unless they’re published/developed by Microsoft themselves. By the fanboy logic, all Dreamcast games are Microsoft exclusives.

There are tons of other reasons I could get into, but what I want, is the fanboys to think about it for themselves. I hope that the above examples show how using Windows is no where near the same ball park as using the Xbox Platform. There is a clear difference in Microsoft’s focus, treatment of consumers on each platform, the regulations that govern the console & PC market, and lastly the profits made from gaming that go into Microsoft’s pocket. If you’re going to take part in a “gaming war” of some sort, you should really think about what you say. You probably look silly already, but don’t get caught using maniacal points like in the Youtube comments above!

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16 thoughts on “Windows & Xbox Platform – There IS a Difference & Fanboys Need to Know!

  1. SonyCrackHoes says:

    So why most gaming laptops and desktops have Windows labels on it ?

    Microsoft gets money from BOTH platforms, no matter what.


    • Michael Silvera says:

      He has already said that they profit from the initial purchase of windows. If a game is not a Games for Windows title then Microsoft doesn’t profit from it. Now you might think “Aren’t they all Games for Windows?” Technically yes, but they aren’t branded that way. The games that are not, which is more than there is, Microsoft doesn’t profit from.

    • Michael Silvera says:

      So if a game is compatible with the Windows Operating System, it does not mean Microsoft is profiting from it.

      • Jamin Williams says:

        Nope. Unless Microsoft themselves made the game or published it, they don’t see a cent. Now, of course Microsoft would like it to be otherwise, and that’s how they tried to make it. But regulations put in by the government prevented that. Why do you think they entered gaming? Because they weren’t allowed to do what they wanted on the Windows platform.

    • Jamin Williams says:

      Someone clearly doesn’t read very well. As I said, the initial purchase can profit them on the PC, but that’s where it ends. I have over 400 games on my PC. But Microsoft didn’t see a cent of profit from any of them. And you do realize that PC’s are labeled with a variety of parts on the outside right? I’m sure you’ve seen the NVIDIA, INTEL, AMD, and other labels on PCs as well. ^_^

  2. Off course MS doesn’t profit from the games (the money comes from the Windows OS installed for PCs that run the games)….*Unless* the games are made in MS 1st party studios.

    It doesn’t take a genius to understand.

  3. “Microsoft Exclusive” and “Microsoft PLATFORM Exclusive” are two different animals. MS makes profit from the sales.

    “Microsoft Exclusive” = 1st party MS Games and/or XBOX Games

    “Microsoft PLATFORM Exclusive” = ALL PC games with “Games for Windows” label on it. MS doesn’t makes profit from the sales.

  4. It was a good read. And the fanboys should read it. Just a thought though – I dont know if im getting old but the font you are using is kind of a pain. Its probably me but i like your site. Keep up the good work.

  5. WINDOWS PC & XBOX are both MS platforms.
    People tend to just say a PC in short, but it really means Windows PC, regardless what company that builds it.

    • Jamin Williams says:

      @ManofSteel Windows is merely an OS. As previously indicated in the article, by your logic, Dreamcast is a MS Platform. Microsoft has just as much “ownership” over my computer as NVIDIA & Intel.

    • Michael Silvera says:

      “People tend to just say a PC in short, but it really means Windows PC” NO, what it really means is Personal Computer. Microsoft Provides the OS, the Personal Computer is not provided by them. ASUS, ACER, LENOVO, ETC. These are the guys that provide the Platform.

    • Michael Silvera says:

      It’s not very hard, you don’t see the creators of Linux claiming ownership over every PC their operating system is installed on because they only provided the OS, they didn’t provide the computer.

  6. Kaido Izumi says:

    This was a good read these fanboys need to read this article.

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