Xbox 360: Getting a Revive

Along with Microsoft’s announcement with the November 22 launch for the Xbox One, which was also the same date for the Xbox 360 when that released years back, another big issue is how much longer will the Xbox 360 be around. Microsoft revealed that not only will they be supporting the Xbox 360 till 2016, but that over a hundred new games are expected to release throughout that time frame. Big news for the gamers deciding to stick to the next-gen consoles, but Microsoft also said that over that time frame they will be investing in making the Xbox 360 the best it has ever been and keeping up-to-date with it and that launch day of the One will definitely not mean the “end” for the Xbox 360 and that it wont work anymore. That also means that the Xbox 360 will have 11 years under its belt when it officially gets retired later in 2016.

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