Xbox One: New Reputation Feature

Microsoft recently talked about the new additions to the ‘Reputation’ system that is already on the Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 reputation system was an epic fail, for one, the only people who were giving you rep scores were the people trying to troll you, and for multiple different reasons, but for the most part, you were getting them pissed off in a game and thats the only way they could get some type of ‘payback’ on you. And I think we all know that the system is flawed, and so does Microsoft, thats why they are adding new features to the Reputation system so that it will effect the community of gamers you play with over online and who you don’t play with. Microsoft was very vague about the new additions to the Rep system, but that it will be “rewarding healthy participation while reducing troublemakers and cheaters,” and that you will find yourself categorized with all players with similar reps on their accounts. So the more you get negative rep scores for harassing, bullying, etc., you will most likely find yourself with similar people, while others that are repped highly for being a good sport or something like that wont ever have the chance of being in an online server with you, unless you two are friends. What I’m not sure about though, is WHAT IF you have a bad rep, you’re also in a group party with someone else who has a good rep and they are the party leader and you two will go into a game, now will you be with people with similar reps of the good or bad person, or with it mutual out and find average joes in the same game with average rep scores? It doesn’t seem like it will be a very useful system, but I’m interested in how it would work out, and with so many factors regarding matches you find, for example, Call of Duty, the matchmaking is designed to find people with similar connection, skill and level, so I wonder with all these new factors for playing online would really work out successfully and not slow down the process of matchmaking and playing online, it truly is something to really think about, but hopefully Microsoft has it handled.

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