Xbox One Owners Ditching Console For PlayStation 4 – Here is Why

This is not surprising in the least bit, seeing as though 90% of people only bought the Xbox One only bought to play Call of Duty Mecha Revolution aka TitanFall and now that that’s out, the console has literally no appeal whatsoever anymore at least until the next big shooter comes out for it. The Kinect is lame, the majority of its games are either on PC and PS4, its exclusive is mediocre, and as there is no Halo in sight and the Xbox 360 still exists, the Xbox One as no reason to exist anymore. For once in its uneventful existence, Yahoo Games has actually published a through thought provoking article on the industry and not just hopped on the Call of Duty wagon because it might be something Justin Bieber might play. Microsoft won’t give up the console fight even though they are losing. At least Nintendo’s Wii U gotten its second wind (thanks, Japan). The Xbox One has also alienated certain amount of fans with the DRM thing and its massive instance of multimedia functionality is all the more insulting when they don’t work.

According to a survey they did, 35% of gamers who owned both the Xbox 360 and PS3 have opted to purchase a PlayStation 4 while only 23% bought an Xbox One. As it stands now, both “next-gen” consoles have nothing to offer me personally that I can’t already get from a PC and the Wii U. The PS4 is more gamer-friendly and more affordable to most people. The PS4’s massive insistence of indie games is what helps the hardware shine in the eyes of gamers looking for that entertain to hold them over until the PS4’s next big release, while with the Xbox One, you have the privilege to stare at it until a game comes out for it. Again, this is the opinion of some people, not mine. Indie games aren’t going to sell me on the PS4 seeing as though the PC is a better choice, but there is also the massive value of PlayStation Plus rewarding gamers with free titles, discounts etc. Indie Games will never be as big as Mario or Call of Duty but when they work hand in hand with AAA gaming then people will get the most out of a console even if there aren’t many AAA games out for it.

Another component might be the fact that the Xbox One version of certain games has low resolution when compared to the PS4 version and to cause even more confusion about the topic, this matters for some reason. I know a lot of people bought the Xbox One for the purpose of playing the latest games with the highest graphics. But, why should we feel sorry for those people who only bought games because they look pretty? They feel gypped because they spent $100 more on a console that isn’t paying them back in full.  Not everyone has the funds to afford both consoles.

I know that in the future Microsoft will turn things around, but as it stands now, you are pretty much in the “Pay More-Expect Less” state of things. People want their money’s worth. People want value for what they spend their money on.

You can check the source here.

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8 thoughts on “Xbox One Owners Ditching Console For PlayStation 4 – Here is Why

  1. Don’t really understand this since sony won’t have any major exclusives out this year in terms of AAA besides Infamous second son! Drive club got delayed to some unkown date, and just looking at the demo from the order it looks really bad in terms of optimization. I don’t care since though I’m a sony fan I mostly game on pc. But to say xbox is useless is quite silly considering the sales that are coming in because of titanfall. Plus a lot of ps4 games though may be better resolution aren’t running at a consistent 30 fps like theif! Which is a problem. Plus why is ryse still the best looking console game?

  2. Just exactly what is on the PS4 right now that is exclusive that is so much better than the XB1. Keep in mind this is referring people who don’t by the PS4 to rub-off to it’s so-called technical prowess.

    PS4 doesn’t having anything “exclusive” coming for several months and the only big “exclusive” title coming to the PS4 is The Order 1886 and that isn’t coming until fall at the earliest.

    People are trading their XB1’s in for PS4 because of HYPE, not because of SUBSTANCE. Buying a PS4 is the “cool thing to do” right now which is why people are doing it. They convince themselves that somehow the PS4 is better just because they have heard other people say it.

    All three 8th-gen consoles are coming back to stores because there is not a whole lot available for any of them. I don;t know why people expected to see 50 AAA titles available for these consoles in and/or around the launch window. It takes time to make quality games. The only console of the big three that has several major titles coming this year ironically is the Wii U with Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros U, Yarn Yoshi, Bayonetta 2, X, and possibly Zelda.

    All Microsoft needs to do is take the Kinect out of there, pack-in Titanfall or Ryse, and drop the price to $399. The XB1 will do just fine. Eventually the hype factor will wear-off for Sony and they are going to have to start delivering on the goods. Microsoft has just about as much 3rd party support as Sony does and far more lucrative 1st party titles. What’s Sony’s answer for Halo 5? What’s Sony’s answer for Gears Of War 4? What’s Sony’s answer for Perfect Dark 3, or Banjo-Kazooie, or Conker, or Kameo, or Blast Corps, or Killer Instinct: Season Two? These are cards Microsoft can play at any time.

    Casuals are a major reason why the PS4’s sales are so high. However as we know when casuals are done with something, they STAY done. Eventually those casuals will wonder why they have a $400 console with hardly any games for it. Casuals don’t care about AAA titles and indie games they can play on their tablets and phones. Gotta look at the big picture man. As much as Iwata needs to be publicly fired along with Fils-Aime and Miyamoto, and with all the horrendous mistakes Nintendo has made, they still are in a position to do major damage this year. It’s not sweet for Sony or Microsoft either. All three companies are walking a razor-thin edge right now of success and failure.

    • Corey Moore says:

      Infamous Second Son is coming out this weekend. Infamous is a pretty lucrative franchise of the PlayStation brand. I also agree casuals are the reason the PS4 is selling better solely on the fact that it’s cheaper and I also agree with the hype sentiment. Also everyday at home there is a PS4 commercial. You are mistaking the context of my article. I’m not saying that I think one is better than the other, I’m saying that the lesser of the two evils is failing. Other than that. I wholeheartely agree with your comment.

      We ask for massive quality because they are expecting us to pay nearly a grand to play video games. You figure spending alot of money you would get your investment back. Why should people suffer for wanting to spend money on video games to play video games.
      That’s like telling people they are idiots for spending money on a new mercedez benz and they have to wait a whole year for the wheels to come in “because it takes time”.

  3. ØuknowGill360 says:

    Wouldn’t you agree it is all a choice? You are going for a powerful PC and Wii U and thats cool. That should not make people such as me stupid to want Xbox One right? I want me some Dead Rising 3, and that Titanfall also 🙁

  4. Yo. First this article should be in the opinion section but since you don’t have that on this site we can call this a fanboy “news post”. The source that you quoted is from surveyed current gen system owners, that means ps2 and xb360 owners. not xbox one owners. there is no info from the source that talks about nextgen owners. If you are gonna make a article at least have the info to backup your post. Its obvious that your a Ps4 Lover and lack the ability to dispassionately judge or review any hardware, software, game, new post.

    • at pardon the mistake but i meant ps3 and xbox360

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