Xbox One Will Drop to $399

Microsoft has a track record of dropping multiple SKU’S, before the Xbox One launches, Microsoft will announce two different versions of their console; one with Kinect 2.0 and one without. This gives gamers a chance  to buy the Xbox One for one hundred dollars less. In today’s economy, buying a Console for $500 is just too expensive.  Especially when your competitor is a hundred dollars less, I still don’t trust Microsoft, I lost the trust when they screwed us with this DRM rubbish. Microsoft is forcing kinect 2.0 down our throat’s plain and simple.

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48 thoughts on “Xbox One Will Drop to $399

  1. I don’t believe they will. From what i’ve heard the XB1 requires the Kinect to funciton

  2. Why r u blaming Microsoft for the DRM stuff? It wasn’t just their calling..

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  5. Umm, is this official or an opinion?

    • Opinion its going to happen,Microsoft always had multiple SKU’S.

      • MeMyselfAndI says:

        Very bad article (can’t really judge an opinion, it’s “yours”)

        As many people stated before, Kinect will NOT be separated from the X1, MS confirmed that like thousands times.

        Besides, if there were any different SKUs, that would be on other parts of the console… I wonder which ones though… Nah, forget it, it won’t happen, period.

    • It’s an opinion

  6. ok much better.
    but i was expecting it with kinect:/

    but like it or not, don’t give a damn, ps4 is my game!
    glad the price has gone down, now people can buy xbox 1 vcr dvr

    • lol why you still wanna buy ps4? ps4 has no games, and worst controller! XBOX ONE has titanfall, project spark, dead rising 3, FORZA 5 and halo! PS4 has NOTHING! MGS, KH and FF15 will come to XBOX ONE too!

      • Lol, what are you talking about? MGS is a playstation exclusive, it’s already been confirmed.

        • Mgs5 was at Xbox ones e3 show… In fact they thought it was exclusive to the one till hideo set the media straight

  7. To many people crying wolf ,especially since nothing has truly affected them or even inconvenience them at all . Such a sad state we live in.

  8. If this happens it will show how desperate Microsoft really is. And that they know they screwed up big. Lately everything they’ve done has flopped so don’t waste your money on the Xbone. It will probably end up with a RRoD problem.

    • Lately everything they done has flopped? In order to flop, something must be released. Maybe the policies didn’t go over well with people, but they can’t flop, and the X1 can’t either until it is released. And “desperate”? Making consumers happy and responding to something they dislike is desperate? I think the word you’re looking for is business, they are a company.

  9. If times are that tough for you, don’t buy either console. I know $100 dollars is a notable difference, but you just shouldn’t be buying a console if you can’t afford one for $500. but can somehow manage to afford one for $400.

    • TCompton301 says:

      $100 dollars really makes a difference. You act as if only the financially privileged should be able to play video games.

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