12-Minute Dying Light Gameplay Video – Another Zombie Game

Ugh, yes another zombie game, this one looks like a vamped up version of dead island. At least that’s what I thought till the around the 5-6 minute mark when my mind was completely blown. Ok first lets get through the fact that it is another zombie game, and like I said my mind was warped with that fact as well. The shear scale of the game was the first thing that actually got me. If this game is actually as big as it is shown in the gameplay video then it is an instant and with no hesitation buy.

Just Part of the Map

Just Part of the Map

The coolest thing I saw though is the fact that the zombies become UBER bad-ass at night fall. The become something completely different, changing the gameplay from a hack and slash to a stealth game and if your seen the game takes a twist. The zombies can jump and free run basically just like you can. Making the game even harder and giving more options in the sense of how you want to carry your missions out. I want this game soo bad. Looks like the crown The Division is holding in my head is getting some competition.

Zombie That's Ready to Feast

Zombie That’s Ready to Feast

This zombie shows just what they become at night. I guess that’s why the game is called Dying Light: Good Night, Good Luck. GG WP.




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