$400 Dollar Xbox One Coming Soon

According to a leaked source to neogaf.com, Microsoft will be releasing a $400 dollar Xbox One…without a disk drive. Because Xbox One plays blue-ray, Microsoft has to pay Sony for the use of the blue-ray in their consoles. Getting rid of the disk drive will save Microsoft money going towards Sony, but also bring in more money to Microsoft if users are now purchasing digital copies of games rather. And possibly getting rid of the long talked about Kinect 2.0, would bring the Xbox One down in price to $300 dollars.

Also, Microsoft is offering $100 towards the purchase of an Xbox One if you trade in a working Xbox 360 S or E version, as well as PlayStation 3. The promotion is dated until March 2 or while supplies last.

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7 thoughts on “$400 Dollar Xbox One Coming Soon

  1. Why don’t they just take out the kinect so that I can still buy hard copies and still get it for a better price? I love xbox but jesus, is microsoft run by a bunch of monkeys? Everyone thinks the kinect is weak shit anyways. Even PS3 basically abandoned that road.

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