5 Great Games That Were Hated For Being Different.

Just like in real life, Discrimination is a major problem in the gaming world especially when it comes to franchises. I’ve been told this sentiment “Change is good but when you change too much, a new game becomes unrecognizable”. Which I think is a load of crock. I don’t care if a new entry plays 100% differently from the last one as long as it’s good. Franchise fatigue is a double edge sword for developers. On one hand you get criticized for releasing a new game in a series by not innovating the gameplay to the point that it’s the exact same game as before, but if you try something brand new, you risk pissing off your entire established fan base. Which brings me to my point; Gamers hate new things and they hate to try new things for the off-chance that liking a new thing will forever separate them from the old thing. I composed a list of 5 games that I’ve played that were hated by the community solely for looking differently that what has come before. I’m not saying that every person is like this. Some people actually hate the game after they’ve played it and that’s okay. I will list what the game is what it did differently and if the hate was justified (Spoiler Alert: It wasn’t)

5) Resident Evil 4:


Resident Evil has been in decline in quality for the past few years……or so I’ve been told. I was never huge into Resident Evil but, I can see its appeal of it and why it’s evil. Resident Evil is one of those gaming franchises that make people very emotional to the point of irrational anger whenever the game or the series is brought up in a derogatory sense. As we know, RE introduced the mainstream gaming world to survival horror and then Silent Hill did it right. Resident Evil was never scary and was never good. The scares were cheap, the controls were terrible, the story  was unbearable, and the characters have the combined IQ of a box of nails so going into Resident Evil 4 I was expecting more of the same. But, I was wrong. Resident Evil 4 in my opinion is the only good one as it did everything differently then what came before and it was really good. Resident Evil 4 is one of my (and a lot of gamer’s) list as one of the greatest video games of all time. Improved plot, characterization and most of all improved gameplay that would go on to be the series staple. If you’ve played the game then I don’t have to go into detail. But, did you know that a lot of people hated it for the most childish reason?

Why People Hated It: “It wasn’t Scary”: I’m not saying everyone should like the same game that I like this isn’t a communist site we are running here. If you don’t like Resident Evil 4 then that’s cool. But, if you don’t like solely on the fact that it’s new and different from the old ones and can’t give a logical argument as to why you think it’s bad besides that “It wasn’t scary” then I pity you and pity the fact that you missed out on a great game just because you are a neophobe. The whole “it wasn’t scary” argument doesn’t hold water especially seeing that Resident Evil was never scary to begin with all it had going for it were cheap jump scares akin to those internet screen scare reaction videos everyone puts on YouTube. To me if a game plays terribly, then it’s a bad game not if it looks different. Does the fact that the game is not scary make the controls not work or shut down the frame rate (Unless you were playing the PC version) There are legitimate reasons to hate Resident Evil 4. Resident Evil 4 is so good that Capcom constantly re-releases it to every home console since the GameCube release. It’s available for the Xbox 360/PS3 via download, Wii, and PC. I wouldn’t be surprised if Capcom re-released it for the Xbox One and PS4 in some capacity.

Any Legit Criticism? A few actually. Ashley is a notorious pain in the ass to some players, I say just put her in the nearest dumpster and it’s like she’s not there. RE 4 began the annoying and ongoing gaming trend of complaining about QTEs (Quick Time Events) QTEs are those parts in when the game asks you the press a certain button fast or in succession to coincided with the character’s motion. Monkey See Button, Monkey Push Button. QTE’s were a pivotal part of the game but they are quickly over as they begin. People often cite RE 4 as the innovator of QTE and that’s not true. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers CD for the Sega CD was 100% QTEs and that game came out put in 1994. Resident Evil 4’s QTE’s aren’t prevalent as it takes up 5-10% of the game.

4) Luigi’s Mansion:


Often regarded as the tech demo for the GameCube as negative term to detract the fact that it was a fun game, Luigi’s Mansion is one of the 2 black sheep’s of the Mario series on the GameCube. The first game in which Luigi doesn’t play like the Green Mario, Nintendo came up with an ingenious idea for a sort of explorations Ghostbusters game set in the Mario universe. The player plays a Luigi who is a complete coward through the game but, still ballsy enough to fight to find his captured brother Mario from harm and go around the mansion sucking up ghosts with a vacuum cleaner. Now, that’s love. The gameplay was so popular that Nintendo has made a franchise off of it. I thought it was pretty good for a GameCube tech demo.

Why People Hated It: “It wasn’t Mario”

It wasn’t a Mario game….That pisses people off. It’s not the exact same Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach and Mario has to go and save her like that last 50,000 times he did it. That’s why Luigi’s Mansion was hated if not ONE of the reasons. I loved that it deviated from the tiresome Bowser kidnaps Princess and Mario commits turtle and mushroom genocide in a 2d plane over and over again. I loved that along with Mario Sunshine, Nintendo wanted to flex their thinking muscles and try something new. I love trying new things especially in games. It’s why I’m not a fan of Mario 2D games and Call of Duty. I don’t like being forced fed the same boring game and being told that it’s brand new. I get called a hypocrite for liking Street Fighter 4 as Capcom rehashes the game. Well, all Capcom is doing is updating the exact same game for players to enjoy it. They don’t lie and say it’s a brand new experience and we swear it’s not the old one. And at least Capcom doesn’t charge upwards to $60 for it standard or $130 for a special edition every single year.

Any Legit Criticism?: The game is pretty short, the camera is a bit of an issue. That’s it.

3) Legend of Zelda: The WindWaker:


Arguably one of the greatest Zelda games and the semi-sequel to Ocarina of Time. The Legend of Zelda: The WindWaker wasn’t the Zelda game gamers wanted. In 2000, Nintendo showed off a tech demo as to show how a new, dark, gritty Zelda game would look like on the GameCube. In fact, History seems to be in the process of repeating itself as Nintendo has done the same thing with the Wii U. But, when Nintendo unveiled a cartoony cel-shaded Zelda game for the sake of appealing to new and younger audiences. Irrational fans felt betrayed and lashed out at Nintendo. Next to Resident Evil 4, The WindWaker is one of my personal titles of the greatest games of all time. This version of Link is my favorite because of his ability to convey his personality in gameplay and cut-scenes. It doesn’t take itself too seriously like other Zelda game and it was fun. They don’t shove him into the generic Shonen- Jump boy anime cliché of him being destined for greater things. He goes on his adventure only to save his sister and that’s admirable. He’s a character with goals and flaws and he is the most relatable Link out of them all.

Why People Hated It: “The Game Looks Too Cartoony”

As I stated before, the game was hated upon announcement for its cel-shaded colorful presentation. Shigeru Miyamoto was adamant in this decision to go this route, stating that people should look forward to the game and pass judgment of its gameplay and not its graphics. So why Zelda did fans feel betrayed? Because they wanted a more realistic Zelda game which is completely laughable when you realize that this is a series where an elf-looking kid can carry tons of items and fit them into his magic deep pockets, in which they show no sign of slowing him down and he can obtain financial gain from the dissection of enemies, take unspeakable amounts of damage and his clothes are still totally fine, realism is the furthest thing the Zelda series can pull off.  Zelda: WindWaker is the case of the continuing sentiment that graphics don’t make a game, gameplay does.

Any Legit Criticism?: Yeah, The game is too easy. As long as you have a functioning brain, heavy understanding in video games, or a college education, you will rarely ever see the “Game Over” screen. The fights are plentiful and challenging but you can find fairies everywhere and they will heal you. Don’t forget Grandma’s soup. People argue that because of the fairies and Grandma Link, the economic system is pointless as you will never use the money to buy recoveries. Counter argument is just like in real life, you could use the money for more important stuff later on. Mileage may vary with the sailing. It’s polarizing some say it’s boring, others say it adds to the immersion of the game. I’m in the latter and like sailing in real life, it’s peaceful and immersive for the full feeling of adventure to fully appreciate this game. Also the graphics look incredible on the GameCube version and they still do….So, one would question the purpose of an HD remake of an already stellar looking game but, here it is. If you have a Wii U and want to see what all the hub-bub is about, pick it up.

2) Street Fighter 3 Series:


All three games in one of Capcom’s few trilogies in which they figured…Yeah, 3 was enough. Street Fighter 3 can be described as the most urban of the franchise. Capcom doesn’t hide it as the tone is heavy on the hip-hop and jazz. Street Fighter 3 is the most “Street” the franchise as ever been with its American, pop culture, hip-hop culture influenced cast of male characters such as Sean, Yun and Yang and Alex. Street Fighter 3 changed the franchise from its predecessor by introducing certain staples of the genre we take for granted. Street Fighter 3 is most famous for the parry system in which the player can parry the opponent’s attack and use that few frames to counter. As we all know the best one and the most famous game in the SF3 series is the 3rd one: Street Fighter 3: Third Strike as it was the most technical fighting ever and it still holds up. But, did you know that when it was first released it was hated?

Why People Hated It: “The Street Fighter 2 cast isn’t in it”

Yes, the idea of starting from scratch and trying something new was so unthinkable, the game was written off immediately. Gamers were so accustomed to using E.Honda and Dhalsim as well as them asking for Street Fighter 3 that when Capcom delivered on the latter it was met with scorn. Capcom eventually caved in to the pressure and brought in Akuma and Chun-Li. But eventually cooler heads prevailed and Street Fighter 3 was able to stand on its own merits and succeed because of them.

Any Legit Criticism?: Not that I know of. People really enjoy the series and contest that Street Fighter 3 is the apex of the franchise often preferring its style over Street Fighter 4”s. Especially Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike. Capcom pulled the wool over the eyes of the uneducated masses and made “sequels” to the SF 3 games that were actually the often aspersed updates. The difference between SF 3’s updates and SF 2/SF 4 is purely the name changes. Street Fighter 3 had balance updates, new characters added each game, and new mechanics just like every other one before and after it. It just wasn’t using long drawn out prefixes in the title is all. The Street Fighter 3 characters have gone on to be fan favorites.

1) DmC:


Undeniably, the most controversial entry on this list and the most recent. DmC. Unlike the previous games on this list, DmC is still universally hated even after its release. You know the story to this one, DMC 4 wasn’t very good so Capcom went back to the drawing board for the new one. In 2010 the trailer was released revealing a new Dante and the internet lit up with hate. They felt like Capcom had stabbed them with a rusty knife to their hearts and every detail of the game upon release was akin to them twisting the knife and applying lemon juice to the wound. The game’s combat was said to be easier than the old ones: People bitched, The game was said to run 30fps: People bitched again, Dante’s attitude was a semi-overhaul of the old one and Ninja Theory swore he would still be the old Dante: People still bitched. There was no winning this. This game was doomed from the start.

Why People Hate It: “Dante’s Look”, “Dante’s Attitude” “Game is Dumbed Down”

Yeah….I already said it. This was not the Dante the fanbase knew and loved. I figured a huge re-haul would be in order seeing as though it a re-boot and all. Long story short. I stand by the unanimous approval of the game from my fellow game journalists and critics. The game is pretty good and you should play it.

Any Legit Criticism?: The story is hit and miss, Dante’s one liners are as annoying and stupid as the old Dante. Ninja Theory missed the opportunity to try a make a funnier Dante just for nostalgia’s sake. Just as there is a substantial amount of people that hate the game, there is also a substantial amount of people that like the game, love the game, wants more of this Dante because they feel he is more relatable to the player as a character with flaws and cares is more interesting instead of the walking talking book of Anime clichés Spike Spiegel wannabe of the old Dante. The boss battles are often criticized for the enemy being too overt to the player. Contrary to popular belief, the game is challenging and full of depth and just because chaining combos is easier and less time consuming doesn’t prove otherwise.

I’m sure I’m missing a few games off this list. It’s only because I haven’t played them. I know about Final Fantasy X-2 and Fallout 3. But, why don’t you let me know what game you know fits this bill in the comments. Who knows? Maybe, I’ll learn something.

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