Want to win a free copy of Grand Theft Auto V? GaminRealm will be hosting a GTA5 giveaway starting now up until the week before the game’s release.

What are the requirements? There are 5 easy steps to take to enter:

  1. Register on GaminRealm if you haven’t already. We won’t be giving a free copy to someone who isn’t even a part of the site!
  2. Subscribe to the official GaminRealmHD YouTube channel, which in the near-future we’ll be uploading exclusive content to.
  3. Also subscribe to the GameInfo87 channel, which is our second channel hosted by site owner Marlon Reid himself.
  4. Follow our Twitter account as well as like our FaceBoook page.
  5. Comment to enter the giveaway. Currently we don’t have the giveaway video up on GaminRealmHD, but for now, you can enter by commenting here on this article. Leave your YouTube name (if it’s different than you’re account name on here) and which system you would like the game on.

grand theft auto v

grand theft auto vThe winner will be chosen completely by random. And yes, we willΒ actually be checking on whether or not you have an account on the site, have followed and liked us, and are subscribed to both of the channels mentioned above. You mayΒ comment on here and the official YouTube channel if you want to make two submissions.

It is also likely that we will be getting our hands on multiple copies of Grand Theft Auto V, so there very well may be multiple winners. (Also, make sure to check back on this page for updates or changes.)

All this is made possible thanks to Rockstar for actually offering us these copies to give away to our fans. So a huge shout-out and thanks to the good folks over at Rockstar Games!

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260 Responses so far.

  1. gta5 looks so fun i wood love to win a free copy of it my YouTube name is Joe Parsons

  2. Disturbed411 says:

    Youtube name : TheDisturbed411

  3. My youtube name is FennecFox and I would want it on PC (If it’s announced) but if it’s not then xbox 360 =)

  4. Th3PreyMan says:

    This game looks pretty sicks. Really want it for my PS3.

  5. FennecFox says:

    My youtube name is the same and I would like it on PC if it’s announced but if not then the Xbox 360 =)

  6. irockman1 says:

    Sign me up! I’d like the 360 version. Youtube: Irockman1

  7. Zario777 says:

    Zario12 is my You Tube channel. PS3 por favor B)

  8. gta5 looks so fun i wood love to win a free copy of it my YouTube name is Joe Parsons for ps3

  9. JackmoveJohnny says:

    JackmoveJohnny PS3!!!!!!!

  10. thekaelkinator says:

    Really generous thing you guys are doing here. My YouTube name is TheKaelkinator.

  11. thekaelkinator says:

    YouTube name: TheKaelkinator
    Preferred system: Xbox 360

  12. glasscake says:

    Ey Shoke, my YouTube name is EpikkuFeiru.
    Platform of choice is PlayStation 3.

  13. Peter YT says:

    I want it for xbox 360 Peter5747

  14. Omario009 says:

    My YouTube name is the same on here: Omario009
    I would love to get GTA V on the PS3!

  15. Wipingallout127 says:

    Oh gaddd Youtube:187jeffrey
    and system : ps3

  16. Newbius93 says:

    A giveaway? Sweet!

    My YouTube username: Newbius93
    My platform of choice: PlayStation 3

  17. codedprophecy223 says:

    gta 5 looks awsome i would love a copy for xbox: 360 youtube name: codedprophecy223

  18. GrandTheftGamer says:

    Being a broke 18 year old, this would make my life!! YouTube name:( JonnyBracho ) for the Xbox 360.

  19. Back4revenge says:

    That GTA Online Trailer was awesome!
    YouTube: Back4Revenge
    Platform: PS3

  20. Rexewi says:

    Youtube: Rexewi
    and ps3:)

  21. hercog horatio says:

    youtube:hercog horatio

    xbox 360

  22. Kaya Philip says:

    I would love to win a copy of GTA V for my Xbox 360!
    Youtube Username: kayagaga

  23. Monkeyzking says:

    GTA finally back, I can’t wait.

    YouTube name is TheMonkeyzking.

  24. unevenwizard says:

    Love that you’re giving away a copy of GTA V and I’d love to be a winner of a copy on PS3! My youtube name is my email.

  25. connor2122 says:

    can’t wait for GTA V would love to have the chance to win free of grand theft auto v please and thank you πŸ™‚ are condo burn down this summer it was my worst experience ever πŸ™

  26. Dunnerzzz says:

    ive been waiting for the game since it got anounced but dont dont have the money to buy it :/ PS3 please πŸ™‚

  27. Dunnerzzz says:

    ive been waiting for gta 5 since it was anounced religously but dont have the money to buy it and would love to win πŸ™‚ PS3 please πŸ™‚

  28. dunnerzzz says:

    ive been waiting for gta 5 since it was announced religiously, getting home from school, refreshing rockstar newsire every 10 minutes or so, but dont have the money to buy it and would love to b in with a chance to win πŸ™‚ PS3 please πŸ™‚ youtube name: dunnerz8

  29. Kudou_Akai says:

    YT: TheShadowLombax would like it for PS3

  30. PS3 Copy for DoctorMontalban (YouTube)…and a PC copy if you can code one.

  31. rockid says:

    looks like this game will be amazing that it might be a game of the year compared to the last of us anyway my youtube channel:thebinki2lk and I want it for ps3

  32. COMoneyBags says:

    Sweet, moneybagsblingbling

  33. SkywardKing IV says:

    I would like the game on PS3 and my youtube name is my username.

  34. connor2122 says:

    GTA V going be the best game ever on current gen πŸ™‚

  35. ripcase1990 says:

    I Just want the game.

  36. thatdudebro says:

    PS3 Please πŸ˜€

    Also is there a feedback box/email. I got a shit ton of feedback and ideas, but i dont know where to post them

  37. Chrop says:

    Can’t wait for this game, looks amazing
    Youtube: Chroprs
    Console: Playstation 3

  38. PeanutPower says:

    Im done, YT username is Peanutpowerful.

  39. mikedot says:

    YouTube username: Mikedot
    Version: PS3

  40. flamexhd says:

    Youtube: flamexhd i want a ps3 copy of gta5

  41. bigburr87 says:

    Hey I want this On PS3

  42. TheMarc101 says:

    I have two yt channels DaMarc102 and DaMarc101

  43. Repiteo says:

    Channel: ReptieoHD (I know the channel has a typo, but I never really cared seeming I just use the Google Plus name “Repiteo HD”)
    Seeming I have both consoles, no preference.

  44. tridactylZero says:

    I would love to get a copy of GTA 5 (: PS3 and my YouTube name is TheFirstPersonGame

  45. IBeAPotato says:

    I am Chris, and I would love a copy of GTA V. My YouTube name is IBeAMashedPotato.
    What system would I like this game on? Well… this ones different.
    I know it hasen’t been announced yet, but I want this game on PC. All of the other GTAs are on PC, albeit it took them a while, but for them NOT to release it for PC would be a very stupid business move. Very, very stupid.
    If R* does come out and say “We are not giving out huge PC fanbase any love,” then I’ll take the Xbox 360 version pretty please. Seriously, though. I want the PC version, no matter how long I have to wait. Put me on a waiting list to give it to me, I don’t care, but PC is my favorite.

  46. MexicanDonkeyKong says:

    Youtube account is ChrisLucewoALT and I want the Xbox 360 version.

  47. RedHood96 says:

    I really want this game for ps3!
    My youtube name is MrSuperboydevlin

  48. Snow says:

    Gta5 is the only game I’ve been looking forward to ever since my family skipped my birthday and x-mas presents because of financial issues. Its been 1 year now since I’ve bought a game for my Xbox 360 and all I been doing is playing gta 4 over and over when I have free time. Even though the chances of my winning are the same as others, the privilege to compete in this contest is far better feeling than the fear of constant rejection from my parents. Thank you for reading and I wish you a good day.

  49. Kcube90 says:

    GTA V ps3 . Hopefully I win.

  50. RedHood96 says:

    MrSuperboydevlin would like his copy of GTA V on his PS3!

  51. Hi, I’d like GTA V on PC because i have always been a fan of the GTA franchise πŸ™‚

  52. The_LeftWinger says:

    youtube name: alpenglowRG11, occupation: xbox360 GTAV future professional, sponsor:……yyoouuuu…..

  53. Sorry, I said PC
    That was a FAIL
    I meant I’d like GTA V on PS3

  54. Dante Marinkovic says:

    Hi! I want to get a free copy of GTA 5 for PS3.
    Youtube channel: mac1player

  55. Youtube name: SparkJavelin
    I know it’s the same name that I have here on GaminRealm, but I just like to make it evident.
    1. check, 2. check, 3. check, 4. check, 5. check.
    Also, you spelled “Facebook” with one too many o’s, just a heads up.
    360 version.

  56. famousamos says:

    Can’t wait for GTA V, I would love to win a PS3 copy of the game from you guys.

  57. TheInstantclassic says:

    YouTube: Jamesjho11

  58. VSMS says:

    Console: 360
    YT: VerySimplyMS

  59. drgonf says:

    hope i win a copy for ps3!
    YouTube name: Armando58305

  60. DustinBowls says:

    YT: Dustinbowls420247

  61. Maxxy9090 says:

    PS3 copy of GTA V
    The YT name is the same as this one ^ ^

  62. Kay says:

    Hey! I want a copy of GTA V and I’d like it for the PS3 :]
    Youtube name is: iPrincessGaara.

  63. Youtube Name: OrochimaruG4 Twitter: Orochimaru_g4

  64. Kensington k says:

    I like how they are bringing it back into competition to compete with new fresh exiting ideas for the genre

  65. vilupninja says:

    Youtube name: Vilupninja
    I’d love to get the game on the ps3

  66. Sure, why not? That just saves me $20 by the time I end up picking it up

  67. Shamas113 says:

    This is interesting! My youtube name is: PollyTheStupid. I would like this on PS3. πŸ˜€

  68. SGTSEGA says:

    I would like a copy for my 360 please, thank you.

  69. SGTSEGA says:

    and my youtube username is also SGTSEGA

  70. ThatNiceGuyAcrossTheStreet says:

    My YouTube name is MrSprinkledCupcake.
    I would want it for my PS3.

  71. doctorzzim says:

    Youtube Username: Doctorzzim
    Twitter Username: Doctorzzim44
    Facebook Name: Joe Kurr

    I would like it on Sony Playstation 3, please.

  72. animegodzilla says:

    youtube name animegodzillaworld for what system i will choose PS3

  73. harrySNOWMAN says:

    My Youtube is albinosnowman12, and I would like a copy of it on the PSTriple.

  74. CaptainDuh says:

    Youtube name is aloysiusfinch, I’d like a PC version if it comes out, otherwise an xbox 360 version!

  75. Sorry for triple post but… this is my account, all the infos here. Might i recommend a edit comment/ delete comment button for the site? still for 360 version

  76. xJbownagex says:

    My Youtube name is JB Ownage and I would like the game on Xbox 360. Thank you πŸ™‚

  77. BigBoss27 says:

    I want it on ps3, thanks.

    Is there a way you will be checking for each person to see if they did all that stuff ?

  78. FullyFlaccid says:

    Alright, I’m here to say I would like to have GTA 5 for Ps triple
    Youtube name: FullyFlaccid.


  79. BlueBombber1223 says:

    I would like a copy for the XBOX 360.

  80. skull says:

    My You Tube name is skuljumper and I want this game on PS3.

  81. KigJow says:

    GTA V would look be fun on the PC. YouTube name is jow3st

  82. ImmaGamerGuy says:


  83. Jason Zeze says:

    Youtube Name: JayTheGreat Would appreciate if I could get it for Xbox 360. Cant wait to waste hours on my life on this game. (Yes Im serious)

  84. Keith Batiste says:

    Youtube Name: theheadsetnation and I want Grand Theft Auto 5 for the PlayStation 3

  85. Youtube Name: theheadsetnation and I want Grand Theft Auto 5 for the PlayStation 3 Thanks in advance

  86. BlackMambax72 says:

    Xbox 360 Would love to get a free copy

  87. theheadsetnation says:

    Youtube Name: theheadsetnation and I want Grand Theft Auto 5 for the PlayStation 3 Thank You

  88. AndresRamirez says:

    Lets get at it. GTAV for the 360. Youtube username: Nrt2pnt0

  89. Naruto2point0 says:

    Lets get at it! GTAV for 360 YT Username: Nrt2pnt0

  90. PartyInnaBox says:

    Hey, I want this copy and I want it for Xbox 360.

    I did all five steps.


  91. GingyProbs says:

    Hey GaminRealm! I would love a copy of GTA V for PS3. I also have photo evidence I completed all the steps πŸ˜‰

  92. AnthonyKlaz says:

    My Youtube name: Sandmanofchaos. I would like to have the PS3 version.

  93. drn999 says:

    Im a long time fan of the gta series. From the orginal all the way to the latest iv, and it would be an honor to get the latest on for free, it would personally make my day. Also i dont have the money at this moment to get the new one gta v so yeah i would really make my day to get it for my xbox 360. Thanks for reading my comment

  94. Berk Kandil says:

    Hi gaminrealm! I would like GTA V for 360 please, my youtube is :

  95. Rodrigo says:

    wariorcamicase from youtube
    I want the PS3 version

  96. junaid says:

    I’d like a copy for the PS4 if possible, if not PC or PS3. Youtube username – Junaid187

  97. BlackoutWorm says:

    Damn I want to win.
    PS3, Same YouTube name.

  98. leo bouzi says:

    I think I need this free copy the most because my older brother will not share this game which really sucks. I would like gta 5 on Xbox 360 and my YouTube account is kenshingamer1111

  99. leo bouzi says:

    Sorry it’s kenshingamer551

  100. dunnerzzz says:

    Youtube name: dunnerz8
    i really want to win a cpy on ps3 cause i have n money cause of family issues and my friends will tease fr me fr not having it when i wouldnt stp going on about the game

  101. manny_bellaco says:

    I would love to get a copy of GTA 5 ps3!!!

  102. concity06 says:

    Youtube: quantae06
    I want this game for my Playstation 3

  103. fessisbest says:

    youtube: asaadalshahin
    platform: ps3

  104. Lickmymastersword says:

    Crazily amazing looking game. I’d like it for Xbox 360 if I win.

  105. Tans_22 says:

    Youtube name: tans2k7
    shiieeeet, i’d love to get me some GTA on the PSTripple.

  106. User name GPbasketballCards(THEE ONEE)
    PS3 Please

  107. YouTube name: insanebottlecap
    System: Xbox 360

  108. Cptfalcon54 is my youtube name and my platform is the Xbox 360

  109. silence sai says:

    YouTube name : xslicezgamers

  110. silence sai says:

    YouTube name : xslicezgamers
    System: Xbox 360

  111. ArmadilloFists says:

    Youtube name: Sergei Jebski
    I would love it for ps3

  112. gaminglegend1997 says:

    Youtube name: gaminglegend1997
    System: ps3

  113. jynxore says:

    Youtube name is Jynxore
    System is xbox360.

    Im here because of shock πŸ™‚

  114. Michael Domino says:

    That’s awesome that rockstar sent you guys copies of the game!
    YouTube: SuperKithcenBoy
    Platform: PS3

  115. Millionthree says:

    my youtube name is: carlisle34 and i would like it for the xbox 360

  116. med talel says:

    thanks my youtube name fadi lamouchi

  117. PacoTheTaco says:

    I would love to own a copy
    YouTube name is Macrocine
    Platform Xbox 360

  118. Chuck_Taylor623 says:

    Youtube Name: ChuckTforPresident
    Platform: PS3

  119. Michael Crick says:

    Youtube name is xxfortunadoxx. Was super disappointed that GTA 5 was delayed, but at least now it’s coming out.

  120. ayente says:

    ayente77, PS3

  121. I’m Superfakerbros and I’d like it on the PS3 (I forgot to say this in my initial comment)

  122. galetyler says:

    Youtube Name is galetyler.

    Console: PS3

  123. galetyler says:

    Youtube Name is galetyler. Console is PS3

  124. Sdmac200 says:

    I need this game in my life πŸ˜› Youtube name: Macintosh2221 System of Choice: PS3

  125. metaltales49 says:

    youtube name:sonicinferno298
    on the xbox 360

  126. Kelderp95 says:

    Youtube name: Tyohnu
    Xbox 360

  127. Kneejerk says:

    GTA V looks like it’s going to be a great game, if you’re going to give me one of the free copies my Youtube username is SILLYJIMMY5. I’d want a PS3 version if I could.

  128. happyfly1188 says:

    I would love to have it on PS3 because it is a giveaway, and I like free stuff. My YouTube name is Rasenchidori1398!!!

  129. Erica Green says:

    This game looks awesome!! Youtube name is the same. I’d like it on PS3 πŸ˜€

  130. Erica Green says:

    This game looks awesome!! Youtube name is the same, I’d like the game on PS3

  131. Pablo says:

    All i wanna do is win

  132. I really would want to get this game for ps3.

  133. Pablo says:

    Pablo Nava
    Wanna ride in gta

  134. Pablo says:

    My name is Pablo Nava and i want it for xbox 360

  135. Anibal Nunez says:

    I hope I win this contest. Youtube: Bigfootman7234
    The console I want to play this game on is the PlayStation 3.

  136. tony says:

    gta 5 ftw its going to be epic

  137. tony says:

    its going to be great youtube: thetlrgaming and on xbox 360

  138. CobaltFwing says:

    my youtube name is Cobalt Fallenwing and i would like to get it on xbox 360

  139. I would love to get a copy for ps3. Youtube Name Prophet6000

  140. Hellburner says:

    Piccolo918 is my Youtube account and the PS3 version for me.

  141. Hellburner says:

    This contest is cool and GTA5 looks amazing. Yo Shokio wuz up!

  142. linklonk says:

    linklonk07 on youtube and PS3

  143. NEStalgiaFox says:

    sonicguy25 (youtube name). I would like it on PS3.

  144. thebrownsavage says:

    I pre ordered GTA V earlier this year and I thought I could pay for the rest later in the year but I have yet to come by a job and I am not sure if I can pay for the game on time. I would love to play this game it’s my most anticipated title this year and so far this generation. My YouTube is: TheBlam57 and I have a PS3

  145. RadioGhost says:

    I have followed all the steps above. My YouTube name is the same as it is here: RadioGhost. My platform of choice for GTA 5 is PS3.

  146. HighSaintz says:

    Youtube channel is Thersvids2 my platform is ps3

  147. Emmet says:

    Cant wait for gta 5, YEEHAWWWW
    Youtube name:LuckyHazama
    360 plz :3

  148. Kcube90 says:

    Gta 5 on ps3 youtube name is kcube007.

  149. Junaid Asif says:

    GTA 5 looks really fun and I would love to win a free copy. My youtube name is vegito64

  150. vegito64 says:

    Gta 5 looks fun and I would love to win a copy. My youtube name is vegito64.

  151. Darius Smoochie says:

    My name: Darius Smoochie

  152. Darius Smoochie says:

    I will love to own a copy for xbox 360 my YouTube name Darius Smoochie you can find me on google

  153. Name says:

    YouTube name corbino525 xbox 360

  154. I hope i win it.. for the ps3

  155. bilge says:

    YouTube: cinammonpoptart
    Twitter: rockingharder
    Facebook: I did it, prefer not to use my name on this comment

    PS3 would be great! Thanks!

  156. wdblues says:

    GTA5 is looking better and better as the days go by πŸ™‚

  157. Cristian lopez says:

    My youtube name is cristian lopez and PS3

  158. Siren187 says:

    Youtube: LittleIndigo187
    System: PS3

  159. Darkdragonx6 says:

    Announced it was coming to PC, so lets get it!

  160. kyle miller says:

    Im so pumped for GTA 5! guna be sick! youtube name :Mrnintendolover – Platform: Ps3

  161. christopher gonazlez says:

    I would love to play that game n my youtube name is christopher gonalez

  162. RoxasXIIIK says:

    I would love to have this game!
    YouTube Channel: TheRoxasXIIIK
    System: PS3 πŸ™‚

  163. Ben Faucher says:

    Youtube name: F4UC3
    Console: PS3/PS4

  164. Anonymous says:

    yt: frettsurfer38
    so hyped for gta5! on the PS3!

  165. HustlinOwl says:

    HustlinOwl PS3, GaminRealm Crew??

  166. ChrisParlamas says:

    Youtube name: Chris Parlamas

    System: PS3

  167. Madnesscombat51 says:

    YouTube channel name: Madnesscombat51

    System: PS3

  168. oliver1945 says:

    youtube name: mroliver1945
    for ps3

  169. superbleeder says:

    Trying my luck
    doesn’t bother me, I have both systems.

  170. youtube account:sydhtepurepwnage4
    console: ps3

  171. Cory Fairweather says:

    King Wade – ps3

  172. JoeBoxer says:

    Youtube name: JoeBoxer202 System: PS3
    I want to win it because the game looks damn awesome. And so i can play it with all my friends.

  173. cswag says:

    YouTube : swagpiece95
    system: PS3

  174. briareoushex says:

    Awesome game.
    Hope to win it on pc steam.

  175. TheAmazingBlueYoshi says:

    Youtube Name: TheAmazingBlueYoshi

  176. TheAmazingBlueYoshi says:

    On PS3

  177. Connor Earley says:

    My YouTube channel is EspressoShow, and I would love to win the game for PS3, thank you very much.

  178. Aaron says:

    PS3 Thanks and my youtube name Aaron Hobbs

  179. Cmontiel102 says:

    Youtube name is ThePlaystationWii60, and I would like it on Ps3.

  180. jitgerjj says:

    gta 5 looks amazing youtube name is poop stain i would like it on xbox 360

  181. jtigerjj says:

    i played all of the gta series but the first one i love rockstar
    youtube: poopstain
    twiter:@ jakejoseph7
    facebook: jake joseph

    • jtigerjj says:

      i played all of the gta series but the first one i love rockstar
      youtube: poopstain
      twiter:@ jakejoseph7
      facebook: jake joseph
      and xbox 360

  182. AxelEra says:

    My youtube username is
    I would like a ps3 version if i happen to win πŸ™‚

  183. Andres VLM says:

    I’d love to win a copy for ps3 please my YouTube name is Andres VLM

  184. krismarinas says:

    Youtube: saniramrehpotsirk
    System: PS3

  185. Versa Type says:

    Gta v on xbox 360 youtube name: TheBadAssNcrRanger

  186. ywong89 says:

    YouTube: Yuranium21

  187. spin0912 says:

    YouTube name: spin0912. 360 version

  188. posthero01 says:

    I’d love a copy of Grand theft auto V. Im looking forward to seeing this site grow, the podcasts, and BBC putting xbox fanboys to shame. Cheers

    • posthero01 says:

      I’d love a copy of Grand theft auto V on Playstation 3*. Im looking forward to seeing this site grow, the podcasts, and BBC putting xbox fanboys to shame. Cheers

  189. 16joacor says:

    youtube name Joaquin correa I wouldn’t be doing this if i had some green on me so i hope i win it!

  190. 16joacor says:

    and i would like it for the 360 please! sorry i forgot to mention it.

  191. Hi Gaminrealm I am a huge fan I absolutely love your vids on YouTube it would mean the world to have that game. You see I can’t by the game because I am really tight on money because I lost my job and I’ve been tryin to get a new one but things haven’t really gone my way and I just wanna make my son happy. Things were going really well and your videos have just made me happy so I would like to thank you so much I hope you can understand any way the game would have to be on Xbox and my YouTube name is spastichawk69 thanks for every thing

  192. Gokudera Hayato says:

    Who don’t like free things? I would like it for my PS3.

  193. Overtoast says:

    all right I’m here πŸ˜€ did all of the stuff
    youtube channel
    — and a ps3 version would be awesome!

    Gaminrealm username : OverToast

  194. Blackshadow1274 says:

    GTA V for Xbox 360 Youtube name: Blackshadow Lovas

  195. Jakazei says:

    I would love to get it on PS3.

  196. Randy Reyes says:

    This is an awesome giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity

  197. Dylan Sanders says:

    Thanks for the offer. Look forward to the game!

  198. Rez says:

    TheRezErected is my YouTube name.
    Good luck to everyone who is entering!

  199. Gta V on the xbox 360 please!

  200. I really look forward to play this game. it looks great. πŸ˜€

  201. you tube name is cj washington I want this game

  202. Sniper33 says:

    Went through the process and liked/followed/subbed for all required parts.
    Youtube: sniper3300
    System: Xbox360

  203. orange_ says:

    i really want the game plz<3.Kingoftheoranges

  204. DyingDeath7 says:

    Shokio and BBC sent me here! πŸ˜€
    Youtube Username: DyingDeath7
    Platform: PS3

  205. SoloDolo says:

    I wouldn’t a copy of GTA for my PS3!! My Youtube Channel name is: DJRoyalTee26

  206. I would love to win this for PS3 πŸ™‚
    YT: TheWantedGamersTWG

  207. AssassinUK5 says:

    Hey, GTA V for PS3, Youtube name: th3tu83r

  208. Silent_Sage says:

    I would love to play this on my ps3. My youtube name is spyda602

  209. Nice I didnt know you guys did giveaways. This would be a good addition to my ps3 collection.

  210. kingjae917 says:

    Youtube user:Jahmario Bent
    Xbox 360
    “Do I have to pull my di** out again” if I don’t win this giveaway. LoL

  211. waleedneskw says:

    Youtube name: Waleed Khaled
    I would like a gta 5 copy for ps3

  212. Adam Johnson says:

    My youtube name is Lukis687,

    I’d like GTA V for the 360 πŸ™‚

  213. jon204gaming says:

    ps3 copy and i have been following shokio and bbc seen 2007/08 and this would be great to win i like you guyz video it would be a honor

  214. george waterhosue says:

    I would like to play gta V on the xbox 360. my youtube name is george waterhosue. my email for it is

  215. GTA5 for X-BOX 360 would be the best for me

  216. tokyostomp says:

    I’d love to win a Xbox360 copy.
    YT: tokyostomp

  217. Getlucky says:

    Youtube- Getlucky12341
    Can I please get it on the dreamcast?
    JK on PS3

  218. Jerame Allen says:

    Youtube jswisshha
    system: xbox360
    gta 5 September 17

  219. I wanna get GTA 5 for the xbox, my youtube is Rakurai Kitsune

  220. Bigdaddywoowoo says:

    I want it on ps3 Plz.

  221. duke4life07 says:

    I really hope I win! I love GTA.
    Youtube name: MegaDuke4life
    Platform: PS3

  222. Anthony Serretiello says:

    YouTube name is ITALIANTHD and I would like a copy of GTA V on the ps3 thanks.

  223. hjrockz says:

    Youtube name : thracianjain
    Platform : Xbox 360
    Thank You .

  224. Ya_boi_Na says:

    My YouTube name is Bryson Richards and i want GTA V on PS3

  225. Heyublueup says:

    I would really like GTA 5 for the PC firstly, but if not, the PS3 would be amazing!


  226. YouTube name: DreamDropStorm, Xbox 360

  227. MatrixEvolution17 says:

    YouTube name: MatrixEvolution17

    I would like a PS3 version!

  228. Steven says:

    Thank you so much for this giveaway. You guys are awesome really.

  229. I love to get it for the xbox 360 just give to

  230. OmgItzBirdy says:

    Youtube name: OmgItzBirdy
    Preferred system: Playstation 3

  231. Deandre alsup i wood like to the copy

  232. 10085106 says:

    Xbox 360 β–”β–‘β–”)/β–”β–‘β–”)/β–”β–‘β–”)/

  233. justbodies says:

    Thank you gaminrealm and R* for the chance to win.

  234. justbodies says:

    Xbox 360
    Youtube: Just Bodies

  235. Sean Mill says:

    Youtube Name hunterboy1121 and Turtle Mafia PC or Xbox 360 please!

  236. finalvic says:

    I sure hope i am lucky to win gta 5

  237. Taylor Yasin says:

    i would love a copy of gtaV πŸ™‚

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