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(Note: This game was played and reviewed on the PlayStation 4)

What can I say about Alienation? besides its addicting mission play, absurd alien ambush occurrences and lively sound effects and gameplay mechanics; I would say it is a really well thought out game for only $19.99(at the time of review). Alienation sucks you in from the beginning of the opening trailer and lets you know for sure that all hell has broken loose. There are so many options to choose from in this game, that playing it alone makes it feel like a shadowed AAA blockbuster!


Incredible with all of the weapon drops, loot mechanics and co-op play that can be enjoyed. The ability to run solo in this game and test your reflex and judgment abilities against hordes of alien inhabitants, goes down very smoothly over a nice cold beer. It almost feels like your playing DOOM from a top down perspective without a chainsaw. You can opt to remain in a biginner type atmosphere where the aliens basically lie down for you and die to an insanely difficult style of play where the aliens will not relent in their quest to destroy you.



The game is beautiful. From the top down 3D environment, all the way down to the explosions of civilian vehicles and bombs; the graphics on this game make it a top notch contender. I don’t think the developers spared any expense on making this game graphically insane, in a good way. To imagine that you get to experience everything Alienation has to offer for a price tag of $19.99 makes you think twice or more about supposed AAA titles with exponentially greater budgets to work with.


The audio in this game goes hand and hand with the graphics and gameplay. Its perfect and I would almost nominate it to be among the best sounding titles of the year. Music, sound effects are so on point, that you feel immediately immersed. Way to go!


This is a must have title if your into shooters with a twist. The top down view, if its your thing, can be a little misleading at first and feel a bit awkward. Once you get used to the movements though, everything else falls in line and your destroying hives of aliens in no time flat. Being able to fight as a different class of space Marine was genius and with the cool upgrades to your chosen fighter, you can essentially build your Marine to your specifications depending on the mission. Check out the video below for a more in depth look at the game and how it plays.

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Gameplay 8
Graphics 9
Sound 9
Overall 9