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DOOM Review

Every now and then the gaming community is graced with a special title which resonates greatly with those who choose to experience it.  In 2016 we have been graced with more than one of those said titles and the name of one in particular is called DOOM. An epic reboot, I would say that has come a long way since in its last appearance back on August 3rd, 2004. What it was then is a far cry from what the have given us today and most of that credit I would say is due to the developers concentrating on what is uniquely fun to play; when it comes to a first person shooter.


DOOM this time around certainly did not lose itself but the most special characteristic revealed, is that it has also evolved. The fun factor has be exponentially upgraded in the fact that it has attracted the likes of modern day enthusiast who enjoy many a variety of first person shooters. This move is actually a very sensitive subject and extremely difficult task to pull of; why? Simply because the core audience of a franchise will immediately crucify you(developers) by not staying true to the core creation. Its hard to talk about the accomplishments of the new title just yet because it has just been released and we have no idea how it will fair against the competition of 2016. But it is fair to say that DOOM has relighted a fire that doesn’t look to be extinguished any time soon. In fact I feel the team and developers over at  id Software, took their time and deliberately made a conscious effort to make this DOOM special for everyone.


In fact Marty Stratton, created the team responsible for this DOOM release. The game was built on the I.D Tech 6 game engine which gives us the great resolution and 60 frames per second on the PC platform. The game features 3 major playing modes, Campaign, Multiplayer, and SnapMap. Each feature strategically made for users with different interest in the title experience. In my video review I mainly concentrate on the multiplayer game play features because its the the only mode that takes the experience from the campaign and gels it with the onslaught of pvp action. Overall the DOOM of 2016 is a stroke of genius and a very fun, fast pace, and addicting action horror. Play the game and draw your own conclusions. Enjoy the video review below and leave your opinions in the comment section.

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Gameplay 9
Graphics 10
Sound 8
Overall 10