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Far Cry Primal Review

(Note: This review is for the PlayStation 4)

The Run Down

This time around Ubisoft has tried to wow us, with a concept that is as old as, well…Dirt. Back to the stone-age we go in this new release of Far Cry. One has to eventually ask, why in fact they titled the game “Far Cry” to begin with. This game should have been a standalone; its own enigma.  This game was far more different then what Ubisoft is use to putting out.


Game play in Far Cry Primal was very balanced. The combat system wasn’t very sluggish and awkward. It felt very responsive to commands. My only complaint about the game-play was the interaction of your “pet” or companion which follows you and helps you with various task as well as keeping you safe from attackers and even wild animals.  There was such a delay when commanding your companion animal to attack a wild beast; the function definitely felt laggy and needed to be addressed. While it didn’t make the overall experience suffer, it was definitely an eye sore and left you wondering how something that blatant could be ignored or forgotten.


Graphics for this game were stellar. I can’t remember a game previous to this by Ubisoft which boasted the graphics would be top notch before official release and kept their word post official release.  Far Cry Primal gave us some great footage of what to expect on PC graphics but when it came to the PlayStation 4, it was almost identical. Ubisoft held up their end of the bargain for Far Cry Primal and certainly did not disappoint in this area.


The audio soundtrack for Far Cry Primal was pretty spot on with something you would expect for the type of environment and setting you belonged to.  Music and sound effects play a big factor when creating a video game and establishing the environment and situation.  Everything about the audio from the background noise, to the waterfall audio, to the distinct animal sounds; made this game feel authentic.


As mentioned above, Far Cry Primal completely immerses the gamer through all the features such as game-play, graphics and audio.  Leaving you with a complete exposed feeling to the elements and environment. Whether your trying to stay alive by killing enemy tribes men, or defending yourself from attack against wild animals or not freezing to death from the bone chilling conditions of the land; this game makes you a survivor of the primal age.

Check out the video review above!

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Gameplay 9
Graphics 8
Sound 10
Overall 9