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Paragon Beta


Paragon, while entertaining to play once you figure out the button mapping and skill set of your chosen character, still seems a bit hard to ponder. Its definitely a MOBA but its also a third person shooter. If your as confused as I was, then I would simply tell you to go and try it for yourself. Don’t get me wrong, the game was decent and fun, but the world/environment is entirely too large. Everything that you would expect from a MOBA is present, but it seems awkward because you can’t point and click to a spot you want to go, instead you resort to moving as if you were playing a shooter, like Tom Clancy’s The Division. While that is not a bad thing, it takes some getting used to.


The graphics are outstanding, even for a beta. Mind you I did play this on PC and while I game at a higher resolution above 1080p, my graphics cards(GTX 970’s SLI) didn’t break a sweat pushing this game to maximum resolution. The colors and terrain did seem a bit dull, but over all the textures, environment details, and character designs in real time play were extremely good.


The music and sound effects were top notch. Every aspect to the visuals in this game are closely mirrored; resulting in a really well welcomed experience.  The sound definitely gets you into the mood to fight and is very theatrical, to say the least. At no point did it seem the sound in this game was neglected or an afterthought.


Paragon has much to improve upon and while it definitely has a few months to go before a world premiere, the problems I experienced could definitely be remedied prior to launch. Being a hybrid of sorts won’t be a bad thing in its case, with the success of SMITE on consoles, its only a matter of time before the new game race turns to MOBA’s on console; with Paragon being the founder of a new genre in video games.

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Gameplay 6
Graphics 9
Sound 9
Overall 6