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Universe Sandbox Review

Yes ladies and gentlemen it is a Universe Sandbox. Meaning it is a universe simulation game. How many of us can honestly say that when we look up at the night sky we don’t wonder and feel mesmerized by the shear thought that we are so small compared to what we are looking at.

We have all had this feeling, but there is one feeling we have never truly felt. Playing god on a cosmic scale. This is something Universe Sandbox has done, a great feeling it’s giving you. First I want to touch up on the games graphics.


The game offers what it can when it comes to graphics. Yes when you collide two planets together it couldn’t look any faker. It isn’t about the realism in graphics. To get a realistic view of a galaxy and/or planet it would require a Nasa super computer, and even with a super computer in the caliber of the ones Nasa owns it would take days to render a realistic simulation.

So when you look at this game don’t judge it by graphics. Judge it by the tools it gives you, and what it offers to astronomy buffs. I know for me it offered a way to test certain ideas that I’ve had for a long time. One of those things is colliding three different galaxies together, that has been a dream of mine ever since I was 17 years old and I was introduced to astronomy. We have all seen two galaxy collisions simulated and we can witness those  in real time with certain powerful telescopes and even three galaxy collisions with those telescopes (of-course even if we could take video of these real events it would look like a still picture simply because these events take billions of years to occur.) so being able to witness a three galaxy collision in a simulation is just purely amazing. For what it is and the resources available to a sim like this, I’m giving the graphics a perfect 10.


The game is in pure silence. Which is perfect because that’s how it is in real life. Perfect 10 on that.


Let me touch up on the best features of the game. First I want to say this, Thank you GaintArmy for providing one of the coolest tools of the 21st century. Not everyone has had the guts or the ability even to bring the universe to the finger tips of everyday people who don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars to create super computers. So thank you my good people.

The game provides tools to collide planets, create black holes, collide galaxies, compare planetary sizes, create your own solar system, rip apart Saturn’s rings, etc. With all this said, I’ll also add that all of these games have real physics applied to it. So a lot of the simulations you create, are simulations that could possibly happen in real life given the circumstances.

Andromeda Vs Our Home

Andromeda Vs Our Home

A really cool feature is the ability to change time and how long it takes for things to unfold. So you can actually set events to occur in real-time and you could actually watch two galaxies collide within a period of 3 billions years (of-course if you could find out a way to live that long).


How a Galaxy collision looks like being simulated by a super computer. The blue orb displays our solar systems placement in the event. I will say this is a 4 billion year event happening in just a minute, so don’t worry it won’t unfold this fast in real life.



How it looks like on Universe Sandbox. So the biggest thing is the fact that Sandbox doesn’t take gasses, or dark matter into consideration. While the simulation before it does. Of-course simulating these things require amazing $100,000 pc’s, so the fact that Universe Sandbox gives you anything especially what its giving you in this simulation is amazing.

Ladies and gentlemen this is an event that is actually going to happen. As I’m writing this article The Andromeda Galaxy is heading to us at a  speed of 190 miles per second. Yes per second, can you even comprehend that speed, just try to think about it. Our galaxies will collide within the time frame of 3 billion years, it is currently 2.5 million light years away from us. Not to worry though, the distances between stars are soo large that it is highly unlikely that our star hit another, or even our solar system being affected by another solar system.


Bottom line this game is a dream come true for a lot of us astronomy buffs. It provides hours, and hours of gameplay simply because lets face it. With the Universe anything is possible. Whatever you want to do, can happen. With all it’s features, there are really endless things you can do. Go do yourself a favor a give this sim a try, do something you normally wouldn’t. Guess what? You can pick up a free version of the game, granted not all features are there but you can do a lot of cool things with the pre-made simulations. Paying the full $20 price allows you to create your own simulations. Try it out, and enjoy it. I know for a fact that all of you will love it and be lost in its features for hours.


Gameplay 10
Graphics 10
Sound 10
Overall 10