According to Activision, Fans Absolutely Loved Call of Duty: Ghosts Even If Critics Don’t.

In a recent interview featured in the upcoming Game Informer, Activision’s head of publishing was asked if the Call of Duty brand was in danger of perishing under gamer fatigue mostly being cause by pretty much gamers realizing that they are paying $60 for the exact same game they played last year.

He said “No, We’ve been pretty transparent all year that we think, because of the challenges of the console transition year, that that was likely in the short-term. I think it would be a mistake to conflate the challenges of the console transition year with any indications about the health of the franchise.” Then when the question of copy and pasting came up then would proceed to give the usual PR response:

“Well no, obviously not – and obviously I don’t agree with the critics there. I know that Call of Duty’s a polarising franchise with some of the critics, and it’s clear to me that not all the critics like our strategy of making a game every year, but thankfully our fans do. It’s also clear to me that the critical response doesn’t always mirror the fans’ appreciation of a game. We actually do read the critics’ comments and take them into consideration during our creative process, but we just can’t measure ourselves by that yardstick alone.”

Let’s get this out of the way. I don’t care about Call of Duty, I don’t like Call of Duty and I don’t play Call f Duty. And I don’t like the idea that the stigma of the junk food infused 20 something year old playing these games on their Xbox’s all day is the standard in video gaming that we have come to except. So, you would imagine that I laughed when the latest Call of Duty got those low scores. And as for the fans. Every person I talked to and I know who are big COD fans hated Ghosts.

The complaints all ranged from lackluster multiplayer, the maps being full of suck, the spawn system being outrageous. etc.

So did you like Call of Duty: Ghosts?


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4 thoughts on “According to Activision, Fans Absolutely Loved Call of Duty: Ghosts Even If Critics Don’t.

  1. Patormovies says:

    People that have never play COD are the only ones that always come up with that “its the same game” bullshit…i mean what do you expect? COD platformer?? COD racing??

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