According to Microsoft, The Core of Xbox One Price Drop wasn’t to Boost Sales.

As reported earlier and the news that has everyone in a tizzy today, Microsoft has finally listed to their fans….a year later but, better late than never. The Xbox One is getting are haul in June to coincide with Microsoft’s alleged blockbuster E3 conference as the console is getting re-released in June without the maligned Kinect peripheral resulting in a $100 price drop from $500 plus tax to $400 plus tax.

According to Microsoft’s marketing lead Yusef Medhi, The intention of the price drop wasn’t just to boosts sales; it was to help hesitant Xbox 360 owners like I jump into the upgrade of the next-gen like everyone else has. A lot of gamers haven’t taken to the Xbox One for a list of reasons: Lack of quality games (but that ranges from person to person), staggering price point compared to the competitors, built-in DRM restriction that plagues gamers who don’t have 24/7 internet access and can’t do the update, and the Kinect being bundled and forced upon the gamer for the console to even work are among the reasons.

“We have 80-plus million Xbox 360 users today who want an Xbox One, and many of them tell us, ‘For me, it’s an affordability issue. I’m going to get there; it’s just a question of time. If you make it more affordable, then I’ll upgrade faster.’ So this is an opportunity to really make it easier for them to get there at their pace.”

Another main culprit to the Kinect removal, is the upcoming launch of the console in China. China has lifted their ban on console and the Xbox One is one of the consoles to grace China. A technical issue accorindg to Medhi is that face that they would have to integrate the device to adhere to the native languages of each region the Kinect model is released in. “You have to develop a local voice model for each country. That takes a bunch of time to get there,” he says. Some people will attribute this to them being lazy. Which seeing as the result of their lack of effort is the removal of a much hated add-on, Microsoft fans will not care in the least.

As we all know, the Xbox One isn’t selling as much as the PS4 and it’s not selling as much as Microsoft wants it to, but it’s selling nonetheless. Medhi would go on to say that the price drop isn’t in spite of Sony winning in sales. He feels that Microsoft has completed their mission in “defining a next-generation console.” So by cutting the price, they are “moving on” I guess that makes sense. Despite this being earth shattering news to a host of gamers today, this is just the tip of the iceberg as Microsoft E3’s presentation promises to make today’s news look like an afterthought.


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One thought on “According to Microsoft, The Core of Xbox One Price Drop wasn’t to Boost Sales.

  1. This is believable, but Microsoft still needs a better filter installed between its brain and mouth. I can’t help but notice that its mission to define a next-generation console has consisted of reversing all of its ambitions and instead doing everything Sony does. Who’s the one doing the defining, again?

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