Amazon Acquires Double Helix…But Nothing Changes

Amazon, yesterday had acquired growing publisher Double Helix Games. The publisher has made a big splash in recent months with their recent and upcoming releases such as Killer Instinct for the Xbox One and Strider HD for everything but the Wii U.

But let’s clear some confusion here. The developer will continue to operate out of their Orange County headquarters, All 75 employees now work for Amazon but, will be paid by them when the company calls upon them. You see, Amazon just wants Double Helix to make “innovative games for their customers.”

The Killer Instinct property is still owned by Microsoft so, Amazon will take absolutely no part in the game’s development and sales. The same holds true for the upcoming Strider game as Capcom and Moto Kikaku own the rights to Strider.


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One thought on “Amazon Acquires Double Helix…But Nothing Changes

  1. you may wanna update this because its found out that after Season 1 of KI is done, new developers will be brought in

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