Amazon Reveals the Amazon Fire TV, $99 Streaming Device

There were murmurs not too long ago about Amazon prepping their own console hardware to compete with the big three. Turns out that those reports were spot-on, sort of. While this is indeed a console-like box, at $99, it’s definitely not supposed to go head-up directly with the likes of Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft.

The Amazon Fire TV is a $99 streaming device that will of course be used for TV and multi-media functions, but it is also a gaming machine. The system has a $40 controlled dubbed the “Fire Controller” that will also be available via a $140 bundle. Specs-wise, the box is packing a Qualcomm Quad Core Snapdragon Krait 300 processor with Adreno a 320GPU, and 2GB of RAM to support “high performance game experiences.”

Not too shabby for a $99 box, especially when you compare it to it’s competitors such as the Roku and Apple TV. The Fire TV will of course have access to all Amazon related apps, services, and accounts. As far as thrid party developers, EA, Disney, and SEGA are already on-board with the device.

So what do you think? Is this something you could see yourself purchasing, or will the Amazon Fire TV be another Ouya situation? Leave us your thoughts down below.

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