Are You Ready For Gantz:0

Definitely A New Take On Gantz Right?

For fans of the original manga and anime, you may have been let down when Gantz initially went live action and was released to the public back in 2011, but prepare yourself for Gantz:0. Sure the movies weren’t as good as the manga or anime but it was still awesome to see your favorite anime take a different form on the big screen in real human flesh. The first movie titled Gantz and the second installment entitled Gantz: Perfect Answer were not a huge hit at the box office but, were also not a complete let down. The budget spent on both films combined totaled only 2.1 billion yen($20,424,443.85 @today’s conversion rate) and grossed over 7.4 billion( 71,973,271.82) total at the box office and home release to date.

Introducing Gantz:0

Later this fall, October 14th to be exact; Gantz will once again make its way back to the big screen in Japan in a big way. According to the Gantz official website, Gantz:0 will be purely based on the original series but presented in full 3DCG. I believe the reason for such a drastic change stems from the limitations encountered in both previous live action attempts, to grasp and portray the characters of the story in full detail. Because of this failure, the live action films seemed hollow and devoid of an original essence, instead it felt more of a high end budget fan film, which tried its best to give an alternate take on the original content of the manga and anime.

My Conclusion

Gantz:0 definitely looks interesting, but a slight notice of Kato appearing to be the center or main character of the story, seems to deviate from the original manga and anime, seeing that Kurono was the main protagonist belonging to the original content. Either way, the newly animated film looks to be a promising upgrade from the anime we are so fond of. Take a look for yourself and weigh in on what you would like to expect this time around with Gantz!

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