Assassin’s Creed Will Attempt To Smash The Box Office

Ubisoft have attempted to redefine itself through its amazing series, Assassin’s Creed every year; giving us a new installment of the video game which is always a hit on the gaming shelves. For 2016, Ubisoft not only announced that there will be no major game title this year, but instead opted to hit the big screen; in a big way. Assassin’s Creed will attempt its might at the box office later this year, in hopes to reach a wider audience of unknowns and enthusiast. I would say that the game series does have a rather box office friendly persona, but will it be able to capitalize in a positive manner? On December 21, 2016 we will indeed see if Assassin’s Creed will attempt to smash the box office at a theater near you.

What We Know

The movie will concentrate on the protagonist leaping back in time to the Spanish Inquisition era. He will undoubtedly be endowed with great abilities to climb and scale the environment and dispatch of wrongdoers appropriately. If you plan to endorse this epic feature film by Ubisoft, make sure to request it in a theater near you.

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