Christmas Comes Early for PS4 Owners!

For everyone who’s getting a PS4, Sony is offering some great gifts right out of the box! If you check the PlayStation Blog, they’ve released information stating that each PS4 comes with vouchers for: $10 Sony Entertainment Network wallet credit for the PlayStation Store 30 day free PlayStation Plus membership trial 30 day free Music […]

Sony offers Disabled Gamers Free PS4’s While Microsoft Just says “Sorry guys”

According to an article on and a post on Neogaf, a disabled gamer expressed their delight in the immense amount of support Sony showed them and their three other disabled friends. They attended EBGames Expo and were really looking forward to playing the PS4. Much to their disappointment, they discovered that the demo stations were […]

Valve Releases Steam Machine Prototype Specs!

After Valve announced their Steam Machines, they left us very thirsty for some of the really quenching details. Especially regarding the specs of the prototype Steam Machines they’ll be sending out when the beta launches. But today, Valve has finally given us the range of the specs. We expected there to be a multitude of […]

Capcom, It’s Time To Admit You Made A Huge Mistake

Capcom…its time. Its time that you finally stop blaming gamers, giving excuses, and give the fans what they want. With the Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter over, dedicated gamers (who believe in the spirit of the Blue Bomber) have donated over $4,000,000 to Inafune to create Mighty No. 9. Each and every single goal was reached: […]

Valve Announces Steam Controller: Revolutionizing the Way We Play

Valve has finally released their last announcement in their Steam Universe campaign: the Steam Controller. The controller itself can be seen above. As we already know, the Steam library is full of Controller enabled games (and if one isn’t controller friendly, you can always use Xpadder), so Valve set out to create a controller that […]

Valve Announces Steam Machines: Powerful Hardware Headed to the Living Room!

Valve previously announced their SteamOS, and now they’ve announced Steam Machines. According to Valve’s latest Steam Machines page, Valve will releasing their own pieces of hardware that run the SteamOS. The best part, is that you will be able to choose what hardware fits your needs. Valve will more than likely be releasing several different […]

Valve Announces Steam OS: Bringing Steam to the Big Screen

Valve has been hinting at a few surprises over the last couple of weeks, and they have just announced their newest Steam venture: an operating system. In their attempts to make Steam for accessible, they discovered it would just be best to create an operating system built around Steam and having gaming as its primary […]