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New games have been announced that I planned on purchasing day one, and I knew what time frame each one could possibly arrive. A leak has risen by Express, that we as gamers, may see The Last of Us Part 2 as early as February 2020. This obviously means that if true, a PS4 edition is in the works. According to Resetera, the editions […]

If you’re interested in purchasing a gaming laptop with some high end specs, look no further as Amazon Prime Day 2019 will be available to benefit from great discounts on July 15th and 16th. After seeing some of the deals that CNET displayed would be available, I wanted to show two great deals that were mentioned that I would highly suggest that […]

Toy Story 4 Review

A toy that was once beloved, becomes the back-up only to be used if nothing else is fresh. That’s the vibe I felt with Toy Story 4 and I definitely resonated with being Bonnie, as a child. I would have my oldest toys in the closet or thrown all over the room and would use the next newest toy even […]

From Bold Business Imagine the price of all video game content goes up in price. Instead of 59.99 (plus state sales tax), you pay anywhere more than that for a standard edition game. There’s a proposal from within the U.S. Government and our favorite Trump Administration, that plans to place tariffs on merchandise being imported from China. Sony, Nintendo, and […]

From NintendoRadar A “Congratulations, you just defeated Bowser without dying!” trophy message would look amazing after playing Super Mario Odyssey and thinking that making a clean run at Bowser would be impossible. After playing the Nintendo line of consoles for twenty-five years, I’ve come to realize that after being the first of many big accomplishments, they’re still lacking on some modern […]

With all of the huge announcements blaring into our handheld and PC devices, there are a few titles that are coming at the end of this year and early next year that will take up most of our free time. A week ago, I brought up the fascination I have with Video Game Backlogs, and I think that this second […]

Trophies have pushed me to a new level of satisfaction in gaming since 2008, due to me never having the original Xbox that started the trend in 2005. I remember it like yesterday, when I use to borrow friend’s games and would eventually get tired of playing it and would swap it out with another title. It was until the […]

So there’s news that Game Freak is limiting the new upcoming Galar region in Pokemon Sword and Shield to only have certain species appear in that region. Fans showing their appreciation of this by destroying the dislike button on the Pokemon Treehouse Presentation on YouTube. As of right now the like to dislike ratio is 19,000 (likes) versus 66,000 or (dislikes). This […]

  Video Games are my favorite in the entertainment medium and I have yet to finish certain games that have been out for a while. Some of these titles have already won awards for their accomplishments and others have received huge price drops in the brick and mortar stores and online. I think it’s a beautiful experience to have stories […]

From PS3HD602 on YouTube, we get our first looks at the Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Demo and my word this game looks amazing. I am on record saying that I believe I’m the biggest DB fan there is and I have seen pretty much every adaptation that Toei Animation and Funimation has broadcasted, and understand the timeline of Dragon Ball canonically. With […]