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A little over a week has passed since we’ve gotten word that Cadence of Hyrule : Crypt of the Necrodancer was possible to release on May 30th, 2019. Well, that did NOT happen.   According to NintendoLife and most likely the same Twitter user, by the name of NWPlayer123 that reviewed the Nintendo of America source code the first time stated to be May 30th, […]

A stunningly new and fresh RPG will arrive to everyone’s E-Shop browser called Legend of the Tetrarchs on June 6th. This turn-based retro styled game is made by Exe Create Inc. and Kemco Games. Below is a trailer of some scenes and game play of what’s to come when you decide to pick this title as your next RPG to […]

There is a rumor floating the internet that Rockstar games could be announcing that Grand Theft Auto 6 is coming. According to Express the rumor came from a pastebin entry that was published last December, but was recently discovered. Supposedly, a third party developer that was aware of the PlayStation 5 plans, reported that Grand Theft Auto 6 would be a launch […]

Let’s picture that Pokemon Sword and Shield release on November 15, 2019 and the game is a smash hit around the world. On the other hand, The Pokemon Company and Game Freak and Nintendo all agree that Pokemon Sword and Shield have issues and fans deserve the absolute best. What if this Pokemon Direct that comes on June 5th is […]

Death Stranding Standard Edition Includes Full base game (Physical standard case) Gold “Sam” sunglasses Gold hat Gold Speed Skeleton (boosts Sam’s movement speed when equipped) Gold armor plate (boosts Sam’s protection against any damage) Retailers and PlayStation Store will price this at $60   Death Stranding Special Edition Includes Custom SteelBook case Gold “Ludens Mask” Sunglasses Death Stranding: Timefall (Original […]

Could a new installment in the Red Faction series, named Evolution, be in development? There may be a leak to Red Faction Evolution being in development by NVIDIA. There has been a list of games that have been said to be compatible with NVIDIA technology, Ansel. Red Faction Evolution was on the list, according to metacouncil forums and PC Gamer. […]

Pokemon Masters Reveal

A new exciting Pokemon game is coming to mobile devices sometime in 2019. Pokemon Masters will introduce battles with all the past Gym Leaders, League Champions, and even Rivals! Pokemon Masters’s graphic engine seems to resemble Pokemon Showdown, an online battle simulator that allows you to utilize all Pokemon and create your team to battle other players around the world. […]

  Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the Necrodancer could be releasing in a couple days. May 30th, 2019 to be exact. From IGN and NintendoLife Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the Necrodancer, the Legend of Zelda spin-off is possibly leaked to release on May 30th, 2019 on Nintendo Switch. After a Twitter user by the name NWPlayer123 found the source code of the game’s release date […]

Microsoft is continuing to have leaks in their upcoming presentation at E3 2019. There has been a rumor about a purple limited edition Xbox One S Fortnite console. The console is said to be included with 2000 V-bucks of in game currency, along with the Blu-Ray drive. This could mean that this console will more than likely be the last […]

While it’s no surprise that a episodic remaster of Final Fantasy VII is being done from the ground up, the exact date of its release is still being speculated. I truly feel that there are many games that should also get the full remaster treatment that Final Fantasy VII is getting. Due to a large amount of games that were […]