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New 3DS XL Color in the UK

When it comes to video games, and brands like Sony and Nintendo Japan usually gets things first. Sometimes America and the UK get things around the same time, not always. In this case, America has the pink 3DS XL for one year before the UK. That’s right this May 31st the UK will be getting the pink 3DS XL to […]

$1.99 app saves movie

An app  from the iTunes app store saved a movie directed by Malik Bendjelloul, in his Oscar nominated movie “Searching for Sugar Man”. The film follows the rise to stardom of a Detroit born and raised musician Rodriguez, who made it big in South Africa. During the last few shots of the film, the budget was completely gone. The last […]

There are a lot of cases for the iPhone (no matter which version you have). Plus there are numerous apps out there: from education, to books, to movies, to first aid. But what if you were in a dangerous situation that you needed to act quickly, and you forgot your whistle. Well now, there is a case that not only […]

Jak and Daxter coming to the PS Vita

If you were a fan of  the Jak and Daxter series for the PS2 (The Precursor legacy, Jak 2, and Jak 3) then you probably know that Sony released the series remastered on the PS3. Well now Sony is planning on releasing the same series on the PS Vita, available in Europe and North America for $29.99 in each countries […]

Microsoft Free Offer

For everyone who has the XBOX 360 who have been wanting the Gold Live membership here’s your chance. Microsoft is giving away free Gold Live memberships up until Monday April 22nd at 1:00 pm for the United States, Latin America, Japan, and Canada. As an added bonus, Microsoft will upgrade any current Live member to Gold status, no matter what […]