Sonic Lost World – Free Legend of Zelda DLC to be Released Tomorrow

Another Nintendo themed DLC stage for Sonic Lost World will be released ont he Wii U in the Nintendo E-Shop tomorrow, April 27th and will be completely free! By the looks of it, they’ve put a lot more time and work into this one than the Yoshi’s Island stage. Rubies will translate into collecting animal […]

Infamous: Second Son Day One Patch Adds 5 Extra Hours of Content

The anticipated PS4 title, Infamous: Second Son, will receive a day one 300 MB patch that will add a whole 5 extra hours of gameplay with 19 new  missions. In addition, there will be a new episodic story mission every week in the Paper Trail story line. There will also be additional tweaks to the […]

Classic USB Controllers for PC is selling very useful replicas of classic controllers that can be used on your PC. Ranging from only $15 – $20, you can purchase these awesome controllers modeled after GamceCube, N64, NES, SNES, SEGA Genesis and even Atari. However, PS styled controllers aren’t included but that’s most likely because everyone, including Logitech, already copies […]

Shaq-Fu Launches an Indiegogo Campaign + Official Teaser Trailer

We were all were all skeptical about Shaq’s announcement of this game and thought that he was just pulling everyone’s leg. But yeah, it actually REALLY is a thing! VIEW TRAILER HERE They’ve brought together a team which includes some programmers who have worked on games such as Street Fighter, Halo and Final Fantasy to […]

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Game Release Date + Pre-order Bonuses

Recently Activision confirmed that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 game is set to release April 29th in the US and May 2nd in EU. The image below shows off the costume DLC bonuses you’ll receive if you pre-order from GameStop. Game will be available for Wii U, PS3, PS4, XONE, 360 and 3DS. (Assuming the Wii […]

GameFly to Offer Movies in April

Well it looks like the popular game rental service, GameFly, is becoming half Netflix coming April 4th, as they are now offering DVD’s and Blu-Rays. This will be added to the service you already have with no additional cost. If you’re a member with at least a 2-game plan, then you can already start adding […]

Little Mac Confirmed for Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U!

In the latest Nintendo Direct, the highly requested boxer from the classic ‘Punch-Out!!’  franchise has been confirmed as a new playable fighter for the upcoming Smash Bros.! Nice to see that he’s not just an assist trophy this time around, and that he shares his updated look as seen in ‘Punch-Out Wii’! Along side the […]