EA Discontinues Online Pass

EA Games, the publisher of many games like:  Madden, Fifa, Battlefield, Dead Space, Mass Effect and many  more will be discontinuing its online pass initiative in a statement made by venturebeat. EA’s John Reseburg stated “None of our new EA titles will include that feature.” Find out more about EA Game news right here on […]

Google demands Microsoft to remove YouTube app

YouTube, recently came to Microsoft and said it was a full-fledged app, but its availability may not be able for much longer. According to some documents obtained by the Verge, Google has requested that Microsoft remove the app from its app store and disable installations on devices immediately! Unfortunately, the app didn’t get Googles stamp […]

Youtube Live Streaming now Available to Channels with over 1,000 subs

When YouTube started live streaming services was only allowed to select partners and special events, but that’s all changing now all Channels with more than 1,000 subscribers will be able to sign up for that broadcasting option when using you tube live. account holders can insert ads, display multiple camera angles and add closed captions. […]

Superfast 5G network coming soon

We have all  seen and heard  of 4G and lte in the pass but Samsung says we should forget all of that because in these approaching years there will be a network. That every one will be drooling about called 5G network , engadget reports that it can pull a jaw dropping 1GBs which for any phone is incredible. by